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- The RAW crew are now on a flight headed back home and should land in the United States around 5:30pm.

- Skip Sheffield and Daniel Bryan noted on Twitter today that the crew of NXT are receiving a tour of the WWE headquarters.

- Bill Goldberg wrote the following on Twitter in response to fans asking about his talks with WWE: “until the WWE realizes that I’m not just another wrestler signing a deal….I don’t expect any progress.Sorry”

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin


    @ Kannon

  • Big Saw

    Goldberg is just protecting his name value. If more guys acted that way we’d have a lot more high level stars. He wasn’t a great wrestler but he always made sure that he kept that superstar aura. He doesn’t need to work another day in his life, so I don’t blame him for being cautious.

  • Scooter

    bring him back and feed him to jericho thats what I say or let Bret super kick him during his hall of fame induction sweet justice

  • Yespage

    Well, he didn’t tear through jacksquat. His character was built to be a dominator… which gets old after a while. He can’t actually wrestle well, which makes him a one script guy. He is right, he isn’t just another wrestler. You need to be a wrestler first before one can be “another wrestler”.

  • kannon

    Matthew, You do know that wrestling is fake right? He has every right to be cocky, considering he’s the only one to rip through an entire locker room roster they way he did back in the late 90’s. It’s funny how you think.

  • matthew

    You all need to quit slamming Goldberg and maybe do some research on him, then you can bash him. He has every right to say that-WCW dropped the ball after they took the belt off him, WWE did the same with him since day one. He has everyright to be cocky, considering he’s the only one to rip through an entire locker room roster they way he did back in the late 90′s.

  • kevin

    lol..look all these Goldberg Haters…wow..i bet he sux..and CENA n Boretista is better??? wwe kiss asses

  • Qora

    Honestly? Goldberg is right !! Look how some of the wrestlers get treated.. like animals .. WWE finds nothing they fit in storylines and they let em go, Midcard and undercard Wrestlers going through hell if you ask me. How much extreme great talant has been let go? they make one comment thats a bit off the wall and they get fired for it.. Nono kids this just is not right. IMO The other wrestlers should act just like Goldberg and be more demanding before signing deals. The only ones that have it made arec top stars like, HH, Orton, Cena, Taker ..Headliners.. and even those can only get so far

  • Guess Who

    Man goldberg isn’t cocky at all…

    I’d rather see gilberg than him.

  • Zack

    With that kind of attitude, I hope Goldberg never comes back to the WWE!

  • nottingham

    Darn, whol else can possibly do the spear!

  • JLOVE69

    Goldberg, hust another wrestler? 1st you gotta leard to wrestle Mr. 2 moves. Then and only then can you be more than just another wrestler.

  • Mark

    just stay away goldberg!!!

  • Mabry

    soooo, what is Goldberg suposed to be than, other than just another wrestler signing a deal?????………….

  • edgehead

    WRONG!!!! This is what Miz said on his Twitter. So they might be later than that

    The Miz: “On the plane just about to take off and what happens??? We are delayed because they have to reroute the plane. I want to go drop a deuce right in the mouth of this volcano. Better yet I’d like dave chapelle as godzilla to take care of it.”

  • Russ L

    he hasnt changed 1 bit in 6yrs…just stay away goldberg its been peaceful without u…Goldberg is The Warrior version 2 cuz they sure as heck have everything in common

  • Russ L

    typical goldberg always about himself

  • RyanMKZ

    Venom.. shh

    RAW back just in time for Extreme Rules… lets hope the jet lagg doesnt effect there performance :)

  • venom

    Until Goldberg realizes he is just another wrestler signing, then there will be no progress. He can explain that to his son.

  • Stung

    Goldberg is just another wrestler?

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