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Goldust Campaigning For WrestleMania XXVIII Match Against Cody Rhodes

Goldust, who currently works behind the scenes as a producer and trainer for WWE, has begun campaigning on Twitter for a match against his brother Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XXVIII.

He states, “With your voices heard to @WWE, goldust vs cody at wm28…..ic title versus career. For the haters can hope i lose to cody and retire, teamgoldie can hope for an ass whoopin for the ages and new ic champ.”

Goldust continues, “Here’s the deal…..the fire in me is too strong to lose to my move stealing lemmule of a brother….experience everytime.

“His ic title … career…..i would whoop him, take back My ic title and shatter all his dreams. Only teamgoldie can make this happen…u know how much it means to me.”

Meanwhile, Goldust has been blocking users who mention his former personas, including Black Reign and the short-lived Seven.

  • Stevie P

    It would be a step down for Cody, but damn it would be awesome.

  • Blue Blazer

    I love electrocuted Goldust! He’s hilarious!

  • Shawn

    Hey, they could even have Dusty Rhodes as special guest referee!

  • CM Mark

    YEAH! Let’s see this match!!!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    I vote yes! And I do not think it would be a step down for cody at all. In fact it would be a major step up to face someone the caliber of Goldust. But I too would like it to be the original Goldust. Come on WWE make it happen.

  • adam

    If he goes back to the old creepy goldust it has potintial to be a pretty good match and story between the two. But if he is the goldust thats been around the stuttring electricuted goldust then no thanx.

  • Steve

    I wants to see a Fatal 4-Way match at Wrestlemania 28 with Goldust vs. Dustin Runnels vs. Seven vs. Black Reign. The ‘special guest referee’ could be Platinumdust! Who’s with me?

  • venom

    It would have been cool to see Rhodes and DiBiase Jr vs Booker T and Goldust at Mania.

  • Red Rooster

    I think this could be good if done right. Maybe it would be more interesting if they acknowledged their relationship, and Goldust came out as himself, Dustin Rhodes, then jobbed to Cody to retire.

  • JD

    While I like the idea of the match, I think it’s a step down for Cody Rhodes. Taking nothing away from Goldust’s past accomplishments, he hasn’t been around recently enough for fans to care about Rhodes retiring him (which is what would happen). There’s no way Goldust would go over Rhodes. Now if Rhodes retired Booker T at WM that might be a bit more conducive to Rhodes’ push.

  • Mabry

    I would really like to see that match happen… it would be great…

  • Sammo

    Goldust can’t retire until him and Booker T have had another run as a tag team!

    If the rumours of Booker T becoming a full time wrestler again prove true, he should feud with Cody Rhodes – which would welcome Goldust into the storyline. Then all Cody has to do his find himself a tag partner too. It writes itself!

  • outlaws 2011

    COME on it would be awesome !!!

  • PinkSinCara

    I would love this, if he won of course

  • VenomEX

    they tried to make mention of this during the last rumble when they faced off. but then cena came in and killed everyone and that was the end of that. as much as golddust deserves a wrestlemania retirement….this will probably end up a curtain jerker

  • Effmenow

    No Goldust. Hopefully Cody Rhodes is a step above mid card level by Wrestlemania.

  • me

    no, go away goldust.