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Greatest Wrestlers Who Never Wrestled for WWE, JBL & Cole World Tour

– Below is the latest JBL & Cole World Tour video from Hartford, Connecticut:

– WWE’s website recently counted down the 10 greatest wrestlers to never have wrestled for their company. Sting tops the list followed by Abdullah the Butcher, The Great Muta, New Jack and Vampiro.

  • Jason Lentini

    Hell I’d put Randy The Ram on that list higher than New Jack and well we all know that was just a character in a movie. Absolute disgrace to put him on that list.

  • Scooter

    He wasn’t even a real tough guy. If he had tried any of his shit on say Haku he’d have woke up in a hospital bed 3 days later.

  • J-J

    The fact the even acknowledged New Jack as a wrestler is a disgrace. He’s a violent thug who found an outlet for legalised assault. He should never have been allowed near a wrestling ring…