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Gregory Helms Under Investigation For DUI Following Motorcycle Crash

According to a report on, police are investigating whether Gregory Shane Helms was intoxicated at the time of his motorcycle crash Thursday night that left the former WWE Superstar and his girlfriend, Karen, hospitalized with serious injuries.

A witness cited in a police report says Helms and his girlfriend were riding home from a restaurant in Smithfield, North Carolina at approximately 9:15 p.m. when Helms went through a stop sign, lost control of the bike and “drove straight through the metal chain link fence.”

TMZ says the witness told officers he was hanging out with Helms at the restaurant minutes before the crash and said he “was sure” Helms had been drinking.

Helms and his girlfriend were treated at an area hospital for “multiple broken bones and other injuries.” Officers took a blood sample from Helms at the hospital to check his blood alcohol level, but it could take several months to obtain.

An investigation into the crash is still ongoing and no charges have been filed against Helms.

Matt Hardy said today that Helms and Karen are “both still in the hospital and will be for a while, but are slowly improving.”

  • MasterVenom

    HBK has nothing on Helms.

  • Joe Wingard

    taking several months to get his blood alcohol test back is complete BS. Only takes a few days. Just goes to show he won’t have any big charges on him if any. A big ole slap on the wrist and a fine. I hope I’m wrong but gotta love the justice system.

  • elvisD

    Not so tough now are you Helms? You act tough behind a computer, but you get on a bike after drinking!!! Really!! I mean it was only 9 30, HOW DRUNK WERE YOU??? I guess that metal fence was hard to see at night right? WHATS UP WIT THAT?? Instant Karma!!!

  • Tandy Porton

    My respect level for Helms had reached absolute zero after he made his attacks on HBK, and now it has dipped into the negative numbers.

  • renz

    ok i have sympathy for their injuries which are beyond desvavstating but i have lost any respect for him if this is tru. what an idiot, if its tru he put himself, his girlfriend possibly a number innocent lives at risk. retard

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    It was Shawn’s fault Helms was drunk…

  • venom

    If Helms was drunk, then TNA should offer him a job. They do have Kurt Angle there.

  • aarrrrrtruth

    helms drunk? get out of town. (said with extra, EXTRA sarcasm)

  • Matt

    I would consider donating money to velvet for helms only if velvet agreed to sleep with me.

  • Paton

    “was sure” is a far bolder statement than ‘maybe’ and doesn’t suggest any confusion

  • Stevie

    LOL, idiot. Great job.

  • Freakzilla

    Innocent till proven guilty people. The witness said he “was sure.” How sure can you be, he was either drinking or he wasn’t. You were hanging out with him. Lets wait for the results before we all go on this moral crusade.

  • Satan

    Hahahaha i didn’t have any sympathy for them in the first place this only reinforces that

  • Paton

    and there goes any sympathy for the idiot, as well as any money from that thing Velvet Sky has set up

  • CC

    As a motorcyclist myself, I always send my best wishes to anyone involved in a bike accident, and I have nothing against Helms as he is entitled to say what he wants about another wrestler.
    But, if he was drinking and was over the limit, then he is a fucking idiot. Its bad enough trying to control a car while drunk, but trying to control a bike is damn near suicidal. And as for his girlfriend, she would be as much to blame as nobody in their right mind would get on the back of a bike with someone who is drunk.

    I wouldnt judge him as harshly as Kurt Angle, as the risk to others is worse with a car, where as the risk of injury or death on a bike is much more balanced towards the drunk than innocent victims.

    I hope its not true though, for both their sakes.