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What Happened After SmackDown, Vickie with Tamina, Bulldog

– “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith gets the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website today.

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Bossier City, Louisiana saw Sheamus defeat Big Show by DQ when Show hit him with a steel chair. Show went for more chair shots but Sheamus hit him with a Brogue Kick.

– Vickie Guerrero says she will be with Tamina Snuka at weekend WWE live events. She tweeted:

“Look out for @TaminaSnuka and myself at RAW live events this Friday in Asheville, NC. #CougarInCharge #takingcareofbusiness. @TaminaSnuka perseverance & strength shows domination inside and out! Only the finest is associated with me #CougarInCharge”

“Be wise to the company you keep! So glad I have @TaminaSnuka and @AksanaWWE to keep me grounded w positive thoughts and energy”

  • onegorgeousgal

    And who really cares or who could even really care less that Vickie Guerrero is with Tamina Snuka at the wwe live events I really dont care , and I dont think that Tamina needs vickie Guerrero in her Corner when she is strong enough to fight her own battles
    who gives a crap that Vickie Guerrero is with Tamina Snuka at the wwe live events. I dont care is there anyone on this message board that is not sick to death of Vickie Guerrero already????????

  • onegorgeousgal

    i think as far as im concerned some one else such as demi moore
    or tara or anyone else has replaced Vickie Guerrero as being the title of Cougar. Face it Vickie Guerrero you have been replaced and its not all about you anymore

  • onegorgeousgal

    @butterCastle I agree with you Vickie Guerrero has ruined the word
    Cougar as far as im concerned no offense but instead of her being
    the cougar in charge she is a oldwashed up has been in need
    of weightwatchers

  • onegorgeousgal

    @eric i agree with you too, Vickie is not good looking at all but i too also have respect for what her husband eddie guerrero has done in the wrestling business, the cougar role with Vickie is old and used up shes 44 years old and not managing wrestlers anymore as she is raw managing supervisor for now which she does a terrible job of doing, think someone else like demi moore or tara in tna or stephanie mcmahon has taken that title from her as they are alot more millions times better looking than vickie i mean vickie guerrero lost alot of weight a year ago gained it all back so i agree with you and i guarentee that askana and tamina will soon grow tired of her very fast like edge big show eric escobar jack swagger and dolph ziggler is think its time for Vickie Guerrero to go

  • Eric

    yeah i hear u. vickie is not good looking. don’t get me wrong respect what her husband eddie. she has done for business in pro wrestling. managing alot superstars to titles. victoria play role of cougar alot better. when they have her in tna have realtionshio cougar gimmick in 2010. also there is alot sexy cougar in world. demi moore, (still good looking like younger men. vickie is not good looking. no disrespect. just truth. would love to see wwe give stephaine cougar gimmick. she is trillion times better looking than vickie!

  • Break it down

    What happened After Smackdown… more like whatever happens at smackdown its so boring they have to edit in crowd noise!

  • Buttercastle

    Not gunna lie Vickie ruined the term “cougar” for me. Now it’s just a magic word that mysteriously tests my gag reflexes.