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– Today would have been the 45th birthday of Chris Benoit and the 48th birthday of Nancy “Woman” Benoit.

– After last night’s WWE Over the Limit pay-per-view in Raleigh, John Cena continued to sell the knockout punch from Big Show. He eventually got up and staggered backstage to end the show.

  • This Guy

    If Benoit didn’t pull that shit on his family, everyone would be praising him crazy like Eddie(RIP)

  • moo

    the shared the same birthday?, thats like me and my wife, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did a Chris Benoit on me one day.

  • Dave

    As long as you are prepared to overlook all the medical evidence. Everything you say makes sense. Sadly, having seen the medical evidence.
    It’s all bollocks.

  • John

    @yofits. It’s not Vince’s fault. He never made anyone do anything. It was Benoit’s choice to take roids and painkillers. And the murdering of his family was not an act of passion as it took place over the course of a weekend. That murdering peice of human garbage doesn’t belong anywhere near the hall of fame. It’s really sad that his marks are so delusional that they’ll ignore what the man did and what was clearly his fault and try to blame someone else.

  • blue4everd

    @KingOfTheRing87 thats awful!! but terribly funny! LOL im sucker for dark comedy :/

  • SpudimusPrime89

    I see SYM is the site’s troll for the month.

  • Tyler(:

    LOL Sym, you’re insulting people’s looks on an anonymous website, rofl. Grow some fucking balls and act your fucking age, son.

  • SYM

    Wow Ryan jus got home from High School after being bullied for his fatness so he Hops on W-E & takes his Rage out on someone who clearly made a Joke……Yea Shut the F*** Up.

  • yofits

    Benoit should be in the Hall of Fame with Owen Hart.

    Vince killed them both.

    He insisted Owen to perform the stupid stunt, and forced Benoit to do diving headbutts causing him to have brain damage.

    Benoit & Owen in the HOF, Vince for prison.

  • KingoftheRing87

    @SYM I would normally agree, but I heard the got to the ropes.

  • Ryan

    Wow @SYM has had a bad day today so he makes horrible jokes to “troll” internet users, that folks is an f***ing a**hole

  • Tyler(:

    Oh, Ouch. I’ve got heartburn now.

  • SYM

    Tyler(: = Smirk Bitch

  • Jimbo

    John Cena: The man that gets the shit beat out of him by Lesnar and still wins, but gets knocked out for several minutes from one punch by the Big Show. Brilliant booking.

  • Tyler(:


  • SYM


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