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Hardy Has New Title Made, New Video of Eric Young Looking for Scott Baio

– Below is TNA’s latest “Director’s Cut : Eric Young Goes to Hollywood” video where Young is looking for actor Scott Baio:

– Jeff Hardy recently had the folks at Top Rope Belts make him an Omega Enigmatic championship belt. The belt is similar to the Immortal title belt Hardy had while in TNA recently. Hardy’s new belt is designed so that when he comes out onto a dark stage and his music plays, the eyes and mouth on the belt light up and flash to the music. Jeff is allowing Top Rope belts to sell copies of the belt to fans.

No word yet if this means Hardy will be returning to TV soon but at last word, he and brother Matt Hardy were still on TNA’s suspended/inactive list.

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  • CC

    Gimmick belts fucking suck. It was funny when Cena first did it with the US title, but it should have stopped there.
    The WWE spinner belt is shit. The Edge version was at least humourous. The Miz version was just underwhelming as everyone hoped we would see the spinner belt done away with instead of modified.
    Now Hardy has created a gimmick version of what was an awful belt to start with (first WWE brings out the awful Diva belt, then TNA steals it for Hardy, and now Hardy adds his own drug addled mark to it).

    What ever happened to world championships being something to respect?

  • Shawn

    I’m actually glad the “Hardy Experiment” totally backfired in the face of TNA.

  • Dave

    Hardy just has a licensing deal. No big deal.

  • venom

    His new title is another spot for him to hide his drugs.

  • daniel

    so hardy has changed the belt into a joke again whoa didnt see that coming

  • Jon

    Even though it sound a little lame, Hardy new belt is actually better than the WWE offical title.

  • Gary

    jeff is on some ‘good’ shit, i see his paintings and his designz and im like wow, thats a bad trip

  • venom

    The Immortal belt looked like Megatron, so this new one will look like and Autobot.

  • Gary

    lol now u add lights to that ugly ass title lmao, i know kids on youtube who make better belt designz then that off cardboard