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Hardy’s Hand Painted Figures, Update on Dreamer-BFG, Tenay on Twitter, More

– TNA officially released the new Jeff Hardy DVD yesterday. Dixie Carter wrote on Twitter:

“Watched the Jeff Hardy DVD today. Great, revealing look at the many facets of Jeff Hardy. In stores today. A must see for all Hardy fans!”

– TNA’s shop website has 2 more days left of bidding on some hand-painted Jeff Hardy action figures, done by Hardy himself. There are four different figures with the lowest bid currently at $330.00 and the highest bid at $1,260.00.

– TNA announcer Mike Tenay is now on Twitter @RealMikeTenay.

– As noted before, Tommy Dreamer was in attendance for TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. He and his wife Beulah greeted fans as they were leaving the arena and Dreamer was heard joking with fans and apologizing for “the shitty finish.”

  • venom

    Dreamer did help the roster look washed up when he was there.

  • Pig

    Dreamer keeps bad mouthing the show and his backstage pass will expire!

    and it’s not like Dreamer ran up the ratings with his stint there…..

  • Gary

    Even TNA talent knew that was crap, from my understanding Dreamer isnt apart of TNA anymore, hence why its a news storie he was backstage…

  • voice of reason

    wow $1300 for an action figure i think i’d rather put another $700 ontop of that & head back to fiji for another week.

  • BlaH

    james storm beat angle for the title on impact I think.

  • venom

    Even TNA talent knew that was crap. I’m glad I didn’t go to that show. looks like Jeff Hardy is trying to come up with that $100,000.