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HBK Returning for Lesnar-HHH?, Backstage News on Zeb, Otunga

– Arda Ocal recently spoke with David Otunga about The Call, his WWE career and lots more. You can read it at this link.

– The current plan is for Triple H to defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29. The feeling is that he has to win because Lesnar beat him the first time, “broke his arm” twice and broke Shawn Michaels’ arm as well. There has been talk of using Michaels in the storyline again so Michaels can have a WrestleMania role.

– Most of the material for the Zeb Colter promos comes directly from the man behind the gimmick, Wayne Keown (Dutch Mantell). He has to get everything approved but he is coming up with most of it.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Barry Horowitz

    thats debateable but not an invalid opinion.

  • Barry Horowitz

    agreed! if we’re talking from a money marketing and putting asses in seats Austin ranks above all…even shawn michaels,when michaels was the champ in the early 90’s ratings and PPV buys were abysmal.

  • Barry Horowitz

    you had me until you said Hogan is better than Austin. in no way is Hulk Hogan better than Austin.

  • Barry Horowitz

    you sir are a fool…austin was a great wrestler despite some morons who only saw him wrestle in his later years,austin was one of the most technically sound wrestlers out there but to say he’s a better performer than shawn michaels is ridiculous.

  • Johnny Fever

    That sir, would be awesome! It’s a shame Chyna can’t get it together and throw her in there too! That would definitely be a Wrestlemania moment!

  • maybe but as i said, with the current storyline i would rather see Vince be in his corner or another thing that crossed my mind was in the match that Lesnar tries to walk out and then gets stopped on the stage by the whole of DX (Shawn, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn) maybe even throw X-Pac into it as well….would be a nice moment for them all to be at Wrestlemania

  • Johnny Fever

    I can not and will not argue that point. Austin did in fact make more money than Hogan, he was an industry changing superstar. Everything you stated has a legitimate argument. As far as taking wrestling to a whole new level, yes Austin was that guy. He still was not as complete as HBK though, and therefore I have to stick with HBK as being the better star.

  • Johnny Fever

    I would rather that he get involved with stories other than Triple H. In my opinion, I think Triple H needs to involve Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels never needed Triple H to be great, but the same can not be said about Triple H.

  • Yeah it was good but what do you expect….HBK to be special Ref in everyone of HHH’s matches?? i guess if he is in the corner then we may see him hit Sweet Chin Music on Paul Heyman….if they were to bring HBK back everytime then i would have him involved in other people’s matches as well as Special Ref…kinda like Austin did with Lawler vs Cole (Well not a match like that but you get where im coming from) and Goldberg vs Lesnar

  • Johnny Fever

    From the Rattlesnakes mouth himself.

    His favorite wrestlers: “Man, when you talk about your really good wrestlers, Shawn Michaels to me, is the greatest performer I have ever seen in the ring. Bret “the Hitman” Hart is the guy whose going to weave together storylines on different levels of psychology and execution, and he’s just top notch. Ric Flair is my favorite pro wrestler of all time. So I think when you look pro wrestler up in a dictionary, you see the picture of Ric Flair.”

  • Ray Myer

    Austin was a great wrestler. But is -the- greatest superstar in wrestling history. He sold more merchandise than Hogan ever could have and put way more asses in the seats than anyone else in the history of the industry. There may be better wrestlers but as far as being an industry-changing superstar? Austin holds that position and as far as I’m concerned, forever will.

  • Johnny Fever

    I will have to respectfully disagree with you there. Austin was a great wrestler. Great technician, great charisma, great all around. Definitely one of the top 5 greatest wrestlers of all time, however, I feel HBK, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan rank in before Austin. HBK wasn’t all high flying, watching his Wrestlemania XII and other matches like with Flair and the bigger guys. He could do it all, no matter what the opponent style.

  • Padres4life

    he’s not the best of all time. Austin was! Still is. Austin’s early matches are way better than Michael’s. Marty Janetty was even more technically sound than Michaels. Michaels has the charisma factor but isn’t the best wrestler..Wrestling is holds, performing is jumping off ropes and all of that. Not the best wrestler, maybe best entertainer.

  • Johnny Fever

    lol well to any one that thinks they’re going to see one last match from the Show Stopper, all I can say is they are delusional. HBK has no mountains left to climb, nothing left to prove. He gave his all and walked away the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the squared circle. HBK has been my favorite since 1991, I know I’ll never see him wrestle again, but he’s always welcome as far as I’m concerned on any show for any reason! Look at last years Taker/Triple H match, how much better was it just because Shawn was involved?

  • Its not the fact of not having Mr. Wrestlemania there….its the fact that will not hear the end from the IWC about him wrestling one last match, its best to leave HBK away from this one

  • Johnny Fever

    I agree Vince would make sense, but how doesn’t HBK make sense? Lesnar broke his arm a while back and nothing has come of it, HBK and Vince both make perfect sense. And come on be honest, do you really want a Wrestlemania without Mr. Wrestlemania? I know I don’t.

  • Yes he gave his body for our Entertainment….but it still dont mean they need to bring him for this…it would make more sense to have Vince in his corner if anyone was gunna go there

  • Johnny Fever

    lol they are not GIVING Shawn anything. Shawn GAVE his body for our entertainment, they are simply rewarding him. Dirty Dutch is the man, I hope he can elevate Swagger to the top where he belongs.

  • so they wanna give HBK another big WM pay off….only thing he can do is be in HHH’s corner…..and its great that Dutch has come up with his own lines for it, shows that he has a great mind