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HBK on Triple H vs. Undertaker and Who’s Inducting Him Into WWE HOF

– Shawn Michaels was interviewed by this week and talked about WrestleMania 27, the WWE Hall of Fame and more. Shawn said that as of now, he’s not aware of plans for him to be involved in the Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania and feels the match doesn’t need him. Shawn said:

“I’ve heard all the rumors. As of right now, I’m doing one thing and one thing only at WrestleMania, and that’s the Hall of Fame.

I don’t think The Undertaker and Triple H need Shawn Michaels to deliver a spectacular match or make this incredibly interesting. Those two can do that on their own. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to be there watching it like everyone else.”

Shawn said he hasn’t decided yet who will induct him into the Hall of Fame this year but mentioned names like Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and others. Shawn said it’s a decision he will have to make pretty quick.

  • Seth

    way to bring the class back to israel.

  • elvisD

    for the last time would put it over the top, without waltman of course

  • elvisD

    Doesn’t matter who inducts him, could be the brooklyn brawler for all i care, as long as it gets done, Triple H would be predictable, Nash would be cool, Hall is a long shot, Sean Waltman is too f@cked up, but the whole Kliq

  • tony

    I would love to see HBK cost HHH the match at Wrestlemania. HBK has always hated being shown up by anyone so I think it would be classic to see him cost HHH the victory somehow. He could hit sweet chin music then get on the mic and talk about how HHH was just trying show him up by ending the streak that he couldnt. Then just walk out leaving HHH lying in the ring.

  • J. Bradley

    I believe that HBK won’t be involved in the HHH vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania(or any match, for that matter). If anything, he’ll probably just be in the front row with his family, and I could see him getting camera shots a couple times, but that’s it.
    On Nash, Hall, and Waltman: I think they’ll just have them(and HHH) inducting HBK into the HoF collectively as the Kliq.

  • Lazlo Woodbine

    As a previous post said, should be Jannetty- super kick, then through the nearest window, then someone to say “HBK tried to dive through the window to escape, what an act of cowardice”

    I can dream.

  • oxslangshoot

    lmao, waltman couldn’t even afford his own plane tickets, he is too busy getting diseases from using needles , if he was there i can bet he didn’t pay for a thing
    he needs to fuck off

  • Seth

    yechiel, I’ve seen three comments from you, and they are all about HHH, Undertaker, the Rock and HBK being washed up in one way or another.

    Do you know the sure sign that someone is washed up? They have no new material and they recycle the same lines over and over again!

  • JAck45

    What about the nature boy???
    isn’t there rumor he will be at the WM HOF?

  • TomC

    It’s a recycle from WM17 and another “career v streak” carbon copy from last year’s WM – gee, what originality.

  • Nicholas G

    HBK is not going to be involve with HHH vs Undertaker at WM 27. Did HHH and Undertake need HBK to be involve the last time the two met at WM 17 no. It is going to come down between HHH and Undertaker nobody is going to get involve. An like I said once already its going to steal the show mark my words.

  • Red Rooster Fan Club

    I say Nash or Jannetty just to get them in front of the camera. We don’t need Triple H up there.

  • wtfbbqsauce

    he said that he always wanted bret to do it. I can see that happening now since they’re on good terms.

  • Daniel Interlandi

    Marty should induct him, give him the plaque then deliver a superkick and start ranting on how HBK ruined his career.

  • rick

    1 problem there JD…..sherri died a few years ago….

  • JD

    He forgot to mention chyna, sensational Sherri, or Marty Jannetty. All worthy inductors

  • Mel

    I agree, Shawn isn’t about to spill the beans so to speak even if he knows them. LOL Also, I have to agree about Hall or Waltman not inducting him. I can’t see that and not really Nash either. I think HHH should be the ONE. They’ve been through much more together and have a closer bond I would think. It would make better sense to have that happen.

  • Dave

    It better be HHH. None of those other guys deserve it in my opinion, except maybe Nash. No way in hell that Hall or Waltman does it.

  • it shoul be te Kliq that does it !!!

  • nobody

    I have a hard time taking what these guys say seriously. Shawn has never spilled the beans on storylines. If he was involved in WM, I’m sure he wouldn’t tell anyone. Same goes with his induction. Until it’s official, Shawn is one of the better ones at keeping his mouth shut.

  • Dwayne

    Sean Waltman?! lol