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Hector Guerrero Says Vickie Guerrero Sold Out to WWE, Fell Out of Touch with Eddie’s Family

– Hector Guerrero, who was Eddie Guerrero’s brother, posted the following on Facebook about Vickie Guerrero and fallout from her farewell letter to WWE and fans last week:

“Lately, I’ve been asked a lot of news concerning Vickie ( Lara ) Guerrero & there needs to be a clarification of her status as referred to the family. The truth is after Eddie’s induction to wwe’s hall of fame she sold out to the mcmanns regarding Eddie’s name etc & fell out of touch with all the true Guerrero’s. She has never even tried to stay in touch with my mother – The true Mamacita of the Guerrero’s. This is the truth & I’m tired of saying nothing about it, but I believe you the fans deserve to know this truth.”

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Hector’s just pissed off because he had to wear a chicken suit. F U you no talent hack.

  • nick-hulk

    So according to Hector: Chavo sr and Chavo jr arent true Guerrero’s coz they profitted and wasnt it Hector who got a job from TNA based on the Guerrero after Eddie’s death

  • D2K

    He’s just mad because he was the Gobbledygoooker.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I have to agree with you there. She got an offer that meant she, and more importantly, her and Eddie’s children, would be set for life financially, even without Eddie around. WWE did the right thing by her, and she did the right thing by her children.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    We the fans don’t care about Hector at all. She did what she had to make a living in a revolving door that is the WWE. I would have sold out for my family to support them in dire need. Hector may be a bit bitter about the whole situation but she stood up and put up with all the bs WWE has thrown her way and she did it with a smile. Screw family loyalty and support your family first. I am speaking only from my perspective and most friends that are fans

  • TheFizPop

    Takes two to lose contact essé