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Hogan Comments on Aces & 8s, TNA Today News

– This Afternoon Doug Williams will be appearing on TNA Today, Daniels & Kazarian will be appearing tomorrow, and Bobby Roode is scheduled to be on the show this Wednesday.

– Hulk Hogan mentioned his problems with Aces & 8’s on Twitter.

“Getting a lot of advice on how to handle myself in Aces&8’s clubhouse this Thursday ,no turning back now,Spike8pm IMPACT4 real HOLLYWOODHH”

  • eric

    Everything i see in tna is either tna copying wwe. from hall of fame wwe has had for over 2 decades. general manager which wwe has done since 2002. aces and 8’s which is nothing more than nexus angle tna has recycle. hogan looks like idiot with his washup face and stupid spray paint beard. does tna have any orignal ideas? that reason tna has a really low ratings. they are still drawing in 1’s after over 7 yrs on spiketv. when wwe was on spiketv from 2002-2005 they drew alot higher ratings than tna is doing. they struggle draw lame 1.5 rating. tna would come up with orginal angle. as they did with former 2 wwf guys hall and nash invading wcw. that was origanl. lead nwo faction that made pro wrestling great. wcw was in charge of wwf for 2 yrs 1996-1998. does bischoff have any new ideas?

  • Apacaveli

    I Bet Hollywood Hogan Brings Back nWo Just For One Night 2 Take Out Aces and 8″s.

  • Kannon81

    Hogan is the leader of aces and 8s. Hollywood HH was a HEAL not face.