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Hogan Says Storm Needs To “Put A Bullet” In Roode, Knockout Shoots Movie Role

— SoCal Val catches up with Impact Wrestling General Manager Hulk Hogan as he arrives at Nashville airport for Sunday’s Lockdown pay-per-view event. When asked about the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Bobby Roode and James Storm, Hogan says Storm needs to “put a bullet” in Roode to remove the “bad seed” from the company.


— Angelina Love shot scenes last week in Paris, France for the upcoming Science fiction television series Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds. She plays the villanus Rosemary Black.

— TNA Wrestling’s annual Lockdown InterAction Fanfest takes place Saturday at the Gaylord Oprylan Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Hulk Hogan, Sting, Ric Flair and a host of other Impact Wrestling stars are scheduled to appear at the event. Details are available here.

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  • Valo487

    Jason, does your mother know you’re out of your room? I hope she said it was ok for you to take her laptop or you’re going to get grounded mister.

  • Nicholas

    When I think of Hogan a old horse behind the barn comes to mind.

  • I’ve been in the danger zone

    I hope this the is match that revives tna a little bit. Between bischoff trying to get his kid over and hulk trying to ruin the company brother, the focus should be on
    The talent, not the names who were big draws 15 years ago. It’s always better when there is competition between promotions and I hope tna can get to that point… Storm and Bobby can get it done imo and I hope they tear the cage down Sunday. I went to lockdown last year in cincy and I walked out the door very impressed with the in ring work…

  • dlb

    Jason I don’t especially hate you as much as some of the guys that post here, mostly I get mildly annoyed by you. But if you ever make it to the Detroit area I’ll definately call you a tool to your face. You do tna no favors by coming here and acting all cocky and ripping on wwe marks. This is coming from a fan who bought every tna ppv from mid 2008 till destination x last year, has 4 tna wrestler shirts, and went to the show in hillsdale michigan last year. It’s ok to take pride and defend tna, but you come across as such a bitchy little crybaby douche. If I was your boss I’d tell you to stop posting since you are making the company look way more unprofessional than it already is.

    p.s. hogan can go to hell if he really wants to give fans what they want

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