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How AJ Styles Got Injured, Velvet Sky on a Bag of Hot Fries, More

– Former ECW announcer Stephen DeAngelis, who was backstage at Genesis last night, is not working for TNA and was in town because he had business in Orlando, Florida. He currently is working as a casting director and was just visiting friends.

– TNA is currently planning to release a dietary supplement called “iMPACT! 3 Count.”

– Velvet Sky is currently featured on bags of Tom’s brand Hot Fries chips. The bags have a graphic that reads, “Win a TNA contract for a day!”

– As noted before, AJ Styles is expected to be out of action for up to six weeks with his new hip injury. If Styles can’t heal the injury, he may have to have surgery that will put him out of action 4-6 months.

The storyline reason from last night’s Genesis about Styles being hurt while helping his son, who flipped his four-wheeler, is apparently the real cause of Styles’ injury, according to sources.

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  • LVW

    Velvet Sky is all that and a bag of Hot Fries, haha.

  • scooter

    helping his son what a true heel…

  • ##

    That “dietary supplement” are the drugs that were’nt seized from Jeff Hardy. TNA’s trying to make the money back from that god awful belt they made for him LOL

  • ##

    I bet your not even going to make enough to make a phone call winning a TNA contract.

  • Jon-Jon

    Styles showed there’s a whole nother side to him than just being a high-flyer. Like Shawn Michaels, he showed he can stand toe to toe and actually brawl and slug it out with bigger men, and that he has good mic skills. Now he can go back to being face again and kick the h*ll outta Immortal.

  • andre lewis

    lolololol hahahahahahah this is funny as hell velvet sky on a bag of chips lol o shyt and styles will be back better then ever the high flying aj will be back i bet styles wrestling like flair sucked because hes still young and growing thats like a prime hbk wrestling like bret hart its not him

  • TomC

    I think this injury hiatus would be a great way to turn AJ back to face. He’s MUCH better as a fan-favorite.

  • shawn

    mmm..velvet skye with hot fries..

  • Vinny

    me and my friends used to eat hot fries all the time. We used to compete to see who can eat the most bags without getting a drink LMAO! good times…