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Huge Match Announced For WWE Extreme Rules

– Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena will be the main event of WWE Extreme Rules on April 29th in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Hasan

    Spoiler for those who missed RAW live. -,-

  • JohnCena33

    No stipulation or with stipulation this match will be very good.

  • Blah

    This match really needs a stipulation for me, even if it’s just “No DQ”, otherwise I don’t see the concept of having “gimmick PPVs” if WWE aren’t going to stick with what they’ve created…

  • Diesel

    Wait so Cena has just come off a loss on the WWE’s main pay per view of the year after a years woth of build up, and that automatically qualifies him to go up against Lesnar just like that??

  • dave

    this is being done well. brock really fit back in quickly. he “GAVE BACK” more to wrestling and WWE than anyone ever by his success in MMA. think about this – Frank Mir could be UFC HW Champion at some point this year. Brock could be WWE champ at the same time. think about that!!! as far as brock goes, with a better schedule I think hes actually gonna really enjoy being a pro wrestler again. his big UFC buys were WWE fans SUPPORTING him but UFC fans wanted him to fail. WWE fans are proud of him.

  • Beaver Cleavage

    ^ @ DJK – yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Didn’t we already know this? Why do we have to give credit to PWInsider for this “news”?

  • DJK

    How is this a spoiler?? It was announced at the beginning of Raw last night.

  • heyfit

    Brick Lesnar – big head, fat gut, flabby arms, small brain, small penis.

  • WeAreOne

    Whats the situlation?

  • scooter

    Regardless of how big this match is cm punk will always be the main event in chicago!

  • Satan

    Shutup Albert just shutup and buy the PPV who cares about being rushed its Brock F’N Lesnar your supposed to accept him again

  • Albert

    Am i the only one that thinks the build up to this match is being rushed?

  • Albert

    OH NO WAY – shocking :/