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Hulk Hogan Comments on The Rock on RAW, Free Survivor Series Tickets, More

– The New York Post is giving away free tickets to Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV. Click here for more information.

– Devin Cutting sent in word that WWE returns to the Sun Dome in Yakima, Washington on Friday, January 13th, 2012 at 7:30 PM. Tickets go on sale November 26th, 2011 at 10 AM.

– Hulk Hogan was impressed by The Rock’s appearance on Monday’s WWE RAW. Hogan tweeted on Tuesday morning:

“The ROCK looked jacked,in perfect shape,dieted down and in the zone! He looks better than any wrestler/actor I’ve ever seen! total respect HH”

  • venom

    The Rock is now on steroids, like hogan doesn’t know that. please.

  • poko

    In all honesty, having the Rock on RAW made everyone else look bad. After all this time away from the ring, he was still head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of being entertaining.

    It’s kind of funny, but I think the Rock kind of started the trend of the WWE moving away from gimmicks. It used to be that new wrestlers had something given to them to set them apart, like Austin being a redneck, or the Undertaker and Kane being supernatural, but now new guys are pushed out to sink or swim based on their personalty, or lack thereof. The bad part is that no one has done that half as well as the Rock, except maybe very recently, CM Punk.

  • WWFzine

    hitman made u believe in something when he was in the ring. its called star quality.

    something 85% wrestlers don’t have and will never have in TNA/WWE.

  • Hunter

    And scooter- don’t try and label hitman a 7move wonder. Being a good wrestler isn’t all about delivering, but selling moves too. He has hell of a lot more to him then what you just mentioned.

  • Hunter

    Bret Hart couldn’t tell a story? Wow. Whilst I think even he admits he wasn’t as comfortable on the mic as in the ring, he cut some unbelievable promos. You just have to look at the hart foundation VS DX for that.

    Also did good jobs with diesel, Yokozuna, SCSA, the patriot and Owen hart.

  • WWFzine


    yea only the Rock can go in the ring and entertain me. i always multi task when it comes to wrestling but when the rock is on tv, i stop everything and just watch.

    immerse myself to be entertained. i am not interested in wrestling anymore when u have the Miz and R-Truth who had a chance to shine but they came up with lame lines and cldnt touch Cena and Rock

  • scooter

    @MJ Kevin Steen doesn’t suck on the mic to be fair
    Also how stupid are some people no doubt the rock was entertaining but he was also a damn good worker I’m sick of people talking about how little guys like him do lets look at bret hart what did he do in a match.
    backbreaker, russian leg sweep, figure four on the corner post, elbow from the second rope, sharpshooter, piledriver
    so yeah bret didn’t do very much but when he did do something he made it count!

  • MJ

    Oh yeah and Hulk hogan would be nowhere without his mic skills because he was a bad wrestler but a great entertainer who had a ego problem

  • MJ

    So when the rock is in the ring he’s an entertainer? Like it or not he’s a wrestling entertainer. He’s good on the mic and can wrestle.

    Now when it comes to people who suck ass on the mic but get pushed then you can look at Bret hart, bryan danielson, shelton benjaimn, jack swagger. All of them are great in the ring but they cant tell a story and nobody can take them seriously on the mic.

    plus there are guys like cena, mick foely, and many others would be no where without their mic skills. which are important. If you want to see great wrestlers who simply suck on the mic then watch ROH because other then jay lethal their entire roster just sucks!

  • really

    @ cm mark – he is an entertainer not a wrestler, he’s probably one of the main reasons for WWE’s current formula of pushing people who are good on the mic regardless on how they wrestle

    Before anyone gets on me, there have been exceptions but only a few

  • Eddy

    Dwayne is on the same shit Mason Ryan is on.
    True Dat !

  • Mojojojo

    Wow, figured Hogan would slam him just b/c he’s in the evil WWE.


  • Jason

    LMAO @ Jay. Wouldn’t that be ironic ?

  • Jay

    The Rock looks like he has 24 inch pythons

  • CM Mark

    Now if he could only wrestle too…lol.