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Hulk Hogan Discusses His Sex Tape with Howard Stern

Hulk Hogan appeared on the Howard Stern radio show on Tuesday morning and as you can imagine, the topic of Hogan’s sex tape came up.

In response to rumors that the woman in the tape was Heather Clem (Bubba The Love Sponge’s estranged wife), Hogan confirmed that it was indeed her.

Hulk said that the tape was filmed 6 years ago, when Hulk’s marriage to Linda was falling apart. After Hulk was getting verbally and emotionally abused by his now ex-wife, Bubba gave Hulk his blessing to “sleep” with Clem.

Hulk admitted that he was an emotional wreck at the time and that his “performance” wasn’t up to par.

Hogan says he’s working with police to find out who released the tape, because he swears he didn’t know he was being recorded.

Hulk vows to press charges against the perpetrator and is working to block the tape’s sale/release.

  • eric

    Yeah hogan is really hurting for cash. tna is paying him over 2 million yr. 35,000 tv appearance. Hogan is not draw he was in 80’s and 90’s old wwf wcw days. tna needs get rid of him asap. Tna was alot better in 2004-2009 before hogan came in.

  • KingAlbert

    he has a two inch dick. He’s shitting himself now, he will do anything for the tape to be blocked.

  • Robinson

    So he’s sleeping with bubba wife and he’s cool with it?!

  • SYM

    I watched it, guy is hung like a horse, he’s kinda goofy and awkward in it though

  • muh boy

    he had a sex tape with howard stern?

  • Dan

    “Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Hulkamania cums all over you?”

  • SYM

    I guess Hogan was the one Cuming for us.

  • PinkSinCara

    Eh just sell the tape. Hogan needs the money anyway