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Hulk Hogan Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife Linda

– The St. Petersburg Times reports Hulk Hogan has filed a new defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Linda over how she portrayed him in her “Wrestling the Hulk” autobiography.

Hogan’s lawsuit says that Linda used claims made against him in the book to help her “sagging career.” The suit also mentions Linda’s allegations that Hogan and Brutus Beefcake had a homosexual relationship.

  • Jason

    Well Brutus WAS known as The Booty Man in WCW .. lol.

    That being said I don’t really believe that claim.

    Also as much (Hulk) Hogan bashing I see on here its odd to see such a lovefest for him but then again its not about wrestling .. or Hulk’s lack of ability to do so anymore rather its about a greedy undeserving no talent hack of an ex wife so I guess its understandable.

  • PinkSinCara

    What does Linda plan to do when Hogan’s money runs out? Live off her 20 year old boyfriend’s salary? What a whore. I’m never getting married.

  • Wildeye

    why is there even hatred coming from the fans towards Brutus Beefcake? This is about Hogan and his ex. Also who is to say that this divorce crap is all real and not a way for the hogans to be in the spotlight? the way Hogan is these days with making money you never know what he will try

  • ohhh u didnt no

    Didn’t Linda get a few mil?? She will burn through it quick, she will be broke in a few years

  • venom

    ^^^That dope shouldn’t take his problems out on everybody else because of what Brutus did to him^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    ^^^ Yeah I heard A guy named Brutus molested him when he was 10 and now he is bitter cause he has a thing for old men with mullets.

  • venom

    ^^^I thought I heard about that rumor^^^^

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Linda lies! It was Freakzilla that had sexual relationship with Brutus Beefcake.

  • venom

    As much as I think Hogan is a scumbag. I do agree he has a case here. Even if the Beefcake relationship was true, she has no business putting that out there. If that was true, then she was stupid for staying with him.

  • bonerjams

    Yeah that money hungry bitch, Who is also getting played by her twice as young boyfriend damn i hate the hogan family.

  • Dave

    Linda got part of Hogan’s money she would never been able to earn if she wasn’t married to him and worked full time. Don’t forget that she worked as a waitress before meeting hulk. Stupid feminist laws.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Yeah, Hogan definitely needs to fight back here. He got screwed in the divorce.

  • Splash

    There’s nothing gay about checking another guys oil brother!! oh wait..