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Hulk Hogan Opening New Retail Store Soon

Hulk Hogan will be opening a retail store at the Pelican Walk Plaza in Clearwater, Florida on July 23, 2012. The venture will sell Hogan merchandise and feature memorabilia displayed in order to create a mini-museum tourist attraction.

Brooke Hogan and his wife Jennifer McDaniel are slated to take part in the venture.

  • Angry Benny

    @sym, yes! Brutus will compare it to a summers day, and say how he holds the record for tickle fight loses,

  • SYM

    @Angry Benny …… Promise?

  • Angry Benny

    and next to that will be a Brutus the BarberBeefcake Hair salon, where they bleach taints, have tickle fights, and wrestle brutus in a : 2 minute 2 in the stink match, if you win you get a free haircut and Brutus will tell you how Hogans balls taste like

  • Buttercastle

    Next door will be a Ric Flair tanning salon slash mini museum dedicated to himself.

  • Andrew

    I wonder if this new store is going to be as a good as Pasta Mania was.

  • 1919dpg

    won’t last 3 months…

  • King Albert

    I’ll burn their fuckin shop down.

  • purcey

    Read it the same way Jon-Jon.

  • Jon-Jon

    “Brooke Hogan and his wife Jennifer McDaniel are slated to take part in the venture.”

    Brooke is a man? And has a wife? Who knew? 😉

  • SYM

    I hope they have the VHS copy of Booker T saying “HULK HOGAN WE COMIN FOR YOU NIGGA!”

  • Monty

    The only reason I would go there is to check out Brooke Hogan up close.