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Hulk Hogan Looking To Return To The Ring, Jonny Fairplay Looking For Work

— Hulk Hogan returned to TNA Wrestling at last Thursday’s TNA iMPACT! taping in Fayetteville, North Carolina wearing a back brace due to his numerous surgeries. Hogan was telling people he’s not dealing with as much pain as he has in the past. Monday on Twitter, a fan asked him about the possibility of wrestling one final match and he said that he would like return to the ring by the end of the year. A company source reports that Hogan discussed returning to the ring at last Thursday’s taping.

— Angelina Pivarnick was not the only reality television star on hand for last Thursday’s TNA iMPACT! taping in Fayetteville, North Carolina as former Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay also attended the event. He was looking for work. Talk regarding his behavior was favorable and company officials appeared receptive to using him again. However, that’s been in the case in the past and he still has yet to return. Hulk Hogan said they’ll get back to him.

Fairplay was under contract to the organization in 2004 and 2005, but did little of note because the Jeff Jarrett led creative team didn’t think he was talented. Company president Dixie Carter was said to be his major backer.

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Torch

  • Nicholas G

    Look at this an say not surprising Hulk Hogan wants one more match. He said this every time an tell me when is he just going to have one more match. You know if The Rock return to the ring TNA marks would be saying how he is wash up just like they are doing with the Taker vs HHH match for Wrestlmania. But when Hogan wants to return to the ring they are ok with it. Is just goes to show how far TNA marks are so far out of touch with the mainstream wrestling world. It is why the whole TNA company is falling apart. It funny how TNA marks say how Hulk Hogan is the most talk about wrestler in wrestling. If that is true why is it the ratings, vewiership and most importantly the shows doesn’t show it. All you see is TNA in the same old small wrestling arena an the numbers are not going up but in the other direction. Hulk Hogan days in wrestling are done. An it is the reason why Hulk Hogan will not put anybody over in TNA. You watch his one in ring match he is not going to put anybody over he just going to put himself over just like Hulk Hogan ego always does.

  • venom

    Hogan should wrestle Flair in a TLC match. Both men fall off the ladder on top of tables on fire. Good way to end both of their sorry careers.

  • Daniel Schein

    Hogan hasn’t dropped the leg or taken a real bump since his match in TN with Big Show that was suppose to be Lawler years back. Even then I’m not certain if he did. Hogan dropped the ball by not agreeing to the Wrestlemania match with John Cena while it still was possible for him.

    I respect Hogan for what he has done for the business but TNA has to do what’s right for TNA and truthfully nothing major has been accomplished in the Hogan era in TNA.The X Division has stagnated and new viable talent has not been introduced. I’m a big TNA fan but the reigns need to be handed over to someone like a Paul Heyman or perhaps a Cort Bauer. Dixie needs to show some strength here and do the right thing.

    Hogan will always have convention appearances and I think WWE would be open to using him in a non wrestling angle down the line.

  • Hulk needs to hang ’em up. As for him not being able to do his leg drop.. Have we even seen him drop the leg in TNA, yet? Cause last I checked, he hasn’t done it once. That should say something about his physical condition.

  • Valo487

    Ugh, you really will defend anything TNA does. WWE uses stupid celebrity crap too, but at least people know who their celebrities are. Does the average person even know who Johnny Fairplay is? If they hadn’t explained he was on Survivor (big accomplishment there) I’d have to look him up just to know, and this is the kind of person TNA wants to cut a check to. Why don’t you tell me why this is a good idea, since you seem to think TNA can do no wrong?

  • TomC

    Sadly, today’s professional wresting is all about gimmicks – which MOST wrestling organizations do – INCLUDING the WWE (can you say “celebrity guest hosts?)

    So, Valo, would you also say that Vince McMahon knows absolutely nothing about wrestling?

  • Valo487

    This whole report is just sad. That Hogan won’t stop before he can’t walk anymore, and that TNA would even consider using a D-List celebrity for anything. That Dixie Carter supports it is further proof that she knows absolutely nothing about wrestling.

  • evilangel


  • Eric Nixon

    “Hulk Hogan Looking To Return To The Ring, Jonny Fairplay Looking For Work”

    Both can keep looking.

  • mark

    Hogan should have retired years ago!!! now he is suffering the consequences of not.

  • Hunter

    Anyone who grew up watching Hulk Hogan will realise how sad it is that he want’s to keep having ”one final match”. Time to retire, not for your legacy, but for your health!

  • SID

    Haters always gonna hate. They never done anything that amounts to anythign in there life, but always ready to jump on the hulkster. GET A LIFE! Without hogan, wrestlign would be still as insignificant as a pimple on a horses ass. 99% of todays wrestling wouldnt be wrestling if it wasn’t for hogan. Bottomline, HULKAMANIA WILL LIVE FOREVER with you or without you. Grow up and mind your own business. He should be commended for having the heart of a lion. Most of his haters would be dead if they had to endure fraction of the pain he has been through and still make it to TNA shows. Get over yourselves. If you dont like him, flip the channel and watch your Yabbadabba bitch!

  • Daniel Schein

    I agree….Fairplay would be a very odd and random signing at this point. I do think back then TNA could have milked more out of him but his time has long passed. I really do smell BS with Hogan right now. Assuming the best he can do is the matches he had with Flair on that tour then the most they can milk him for his a tag match where he never takes a bump and only comes in to punch, bleed, and hit his big boot assuming that won’t blow something out. At this point I don’t even think Hogan can physically do moves that don’t require him taking falls. I believe his hip or knee went out on that tour backdropping Flair. So any one on one option against Sting is obviously out. A guy like AJ would really have his work cut out for him to make Hogan look good.

    I do think TNA should try and milk a couple matches out of him if possible but not if that means signing him another year or two.

  • mj

    Jonny Fairplay!? WTF!!! This isn’t 2004 this is 2011!

  • matt

    so the story starts off with him arriving in a back brace and ends with him saying he’s planning on returning to the ring. really?

  • Daniel Schein

    As for Johnny Fairplay I loved the guy on his first season on Survivor but the guy killed his reputation by quitting on the All Stars show. In all fairness TNA never really used him in his last run though.

  • Daniel Schein

    My theory is this whole end of the year thing is an attempt for Hogan to get signed once his deal is up. I know HTM said something like six months is what he has left but whenever the deal is officially up I really think TNA needs to drop him. Maybe they can still court Paul Heyman to get the ball moving again. Watch Hogan’s last matches on the international tour against Ric Flair. He can’t even take basic bumps anymore or drop his signature leg.

    He may end up staying around but my prediction is this whole “I’ll wrestle at the end of this year” is his way of tempting Dixie into keeping him on even though the ratings haven’t really risen.

  • JBL

    If Hogan is gonna wrestle another match, it should be for the WWE and it should be him putting over The Miz or Randy Orton. Id would say Cena but he doesn’t need the match.

  • WWE Champion

    Who cares? If he wants ruin his legacy, that’s his call.

  • JSM

    Old man Hogan is ruining his legacy by not knowing when to retire