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Hulk Hogan Talks About Wrestling Another Match for WWE, What Move He Should Have Used

– Hulk Hogan recently appeared on The Matthew Aaron Show podcast and said he’s in the best shape of his life. He was asked if fans will see him in the ring again. Hogan replied:

“Brother, my goal is to perform in the ring again, it’s not if, it’s when, I’ve been training like crazy, my back doesn’t hurt at all, my back’s perfect, now I’ve finally got by back straightened out and I’m really trying to get myself into shape because if you step inside that WWE ring you better bring it, and last time I brought it they begged me to take it back.”

“If I get in there I want to make sure I’m ready to go and I give them something to remember me by, so my goal in life is to perform again in that WWE ring.”

When asked by host Matthew Aaron if he will ever drop the leg again, Hulk replied:

“That’s the question, people always ask me if their was anything I would ever change about my career and I’ve always said no but then I started to think about it, I was such a dummy, I didn’t even know how to work my own gimmick, I’ve got the largest arms in the world why wouldn’t I use the sleeper hold, duh, you’ve got the largest arms in the world and your dropping the leg drop, what does that mean. If I’d have used the sleeper hold the last 40 years I’d have had no back surgeries.”

  • ryan

    Also he chose not to in wwe because he didn’t have to. because he knew what worked for him with the crowd. Watch how much he changes his style when he was in AWA, WWE, Japan, and yes even in WCW as NWO Hollywood. This is why many in the industry talk about how hogan had the crowd in the palm of his hands and could read an audience. He knew what a japan crowd wanted so he change his style. The subtle difference bettween good guy and bad guy, and getting crowd involved in his matches. No one did this better than Hogan.

  • ryan

    he talked about this few years ago while in TNA at a convention with fans (on video on youtube) how he wished he could go back n used the sleeper

  • Keith Learmonth

    Ah, perhaps the problem, then, is that he chose not to. Regardless, though, he certainly can’t now, and that’s what this is about. He’s looking for an easier move than a leg drop.

    And honestly, if Hogan was a heel, the largest arms in the world boast, and headlock, would have worked perfectly. But as a face, you want to see a wrestler get a definitive win. Either pin, or make the guy tap, not choke someone out. Especially in Hogan’s era.

    It barely worked for Brutus Beefcake… it wouldn’t have worked for Hogan.

  • ryan

    Yes because a character with “the largest pythons in the world” wouldnt make sense to have a sleeper hold….gotcha.

    And if hogan couldn’t wrestle…why did he make it through training from Matsuda??? Back in the 70s….strange

  • Keith Learmonth

    Not particularly. Piper was a heel, and had a solid technical side to his move-set. It made sense that he’d try to make someone pass out, instead of pinning them.

  • ryan

    So are you bashing Piper as well????

  • Keith Learmonth

    Ah, yes… The sleeper hold. Even less difficult than the Leg Drop.