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Hulk Hogan Tweets on Bound for Glory, British Boot Camp Finalists

– Jeremy Borash noted on Twitter that the finalists of British Boot Camp are in Phoenix, Arizona for this weekend’s Bound For Glory festivities. The program, which has been commissioned by Challenge TV and will air in December, will follow four Brits attempting to win a full-time TNA contact.

The finalists are wrestling twins Hannah and Holly Blossom, Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud.

– Hulk Hogan tweeted the following regarding Bound For Glory: “It up to Sting and Bully Ray To stop this and save the day,BFG this Sunday is a game changer,I know Sting and Bully r gonna win it all.

“Phoenix and our Bound For Glory PPV is gonna be crazy this Sunday,please do t miss it,aces&8’s have one shot to get in our company TNA and Looking foward to HOF with TNA IMPACT WRESTLING,STING is a real Icon,in the ring with him last Thursday reminded just how big he really is.”

  • lee

    hogan has to be in the spotlight because he has to pay for his sorry kids life style because they are to sorry to have their names out there tna is better with out having the hogan name in their company

  • luckysalt

    I can see eric doesn’t even watch TNA.

    Hogan hasn’t done anything in the ring for over a year, meanwhile the older Vince McMahon of WWE is putting himself in the main event of RAW against the WWE champion.

    Who’s worse?

    Hogan and TNA are doing everything right at the moment. WWE is a complete mess

  • Diesel

    TNA (or WWE for that matter)need to hire Rockstar Spud, the guys got so much potential.

  • JohnCena33

    He needs to go back to WWE and manage Dolph Ziggler to a World title.

  • Lew

    love Rick flair but hated his TNA run half the time he sounded like a drunk old man the only thing he needs to do if he goes back to WWE is the company somebody to the ring or start some kind of new evolution type stable

  • eric

    I wish hogan would just retired. He is doing to his legacy. As ric flair was doing in his 2 yrs in tna. just ruining his legacy. hogan needs to leave pro wrestling. before he ends up in wheelchair. when hhh a few months ago. Was doing very passionate promo in ring. post lesnar hhh match at summerslame this year. Saying guys working match for big payday. guys holding on. if that is not ric flair or hulk hogan. Then i don’t know what is. i think it is clear facts ric flair and hulk hogan are old now. they can’t take punishment inside ring they did in there 30’s and 40’s in 80’s and 90’s when they could go for hrs in ring. When they were alot younger in age. Hogan could use his household name to promote tna in mainstream. to spread word on letterman, leno, alot talkshows. get tna over. instead of hurting himself in ring. When hogan was talking to that british guy on cnn. said about all those back surgeries. Well if hogan would quit wrestling in ring. he would not have that messed up back. gimpy knees. Ric flair would rather see him as manger to one of young guy. Just as he was with orton hhh, batista in 2002-2005 help out orton and batisita who in 2002 was very green light. show them way to get it done. Pass on his decades and decades of exiperence. rather see flair in rold of manger for young guy like cody rhodes, sandow, or jack swagger. Then see flair in ring. hogan would rather see him off tv. just working behind scences. or promting tna. bottom line flair hogan need to quit wrestling, micheal hayes, dusty rhodes dr tom prichard are helping business. without wrestling in ring. hogan should quit this partime wrestling stuff, before he flair or king get hurt.