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– One year ago today, WWE aired the final episode of ECW on SyFy. The show saw Ezekiel Jackson defeat Christian to capture the ECW Title. The belt was retired after the show ended.

– Mary sent word that Lilian Garcia was shown on Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. A member of Jimmy’s staff was trying to interview stars on the red carpet at the Grammy’s and had no luck getting Lilian to stop. Her name was shown on the screen as “Lilah Garcia.”

– WWE has released The Rock’s “I Bring It” t-shirt from RAW as well as re-released old merchandise for him. Also just released on their WWE shop website is a WrestleMania 27 magazine with a look at every match from every previous WrestleMania and a new Sheamus King Laoch Top Rope t-shirt.

– For what it’s worth, Husky Harris has been added back to Florida Championship Wrestling’s roster page. Husky was written off WWE TV for the time being after a punt kick from Randy Orton on RAW recently. There was some rumblings that WWE officials weren’t happy with Husky’s look but were high on his in-ring work.

  • http://ww.naturalhealthdc.com Reiki Therapist DC

    Dwayne has done a LOT more movies (since he stepped away from the ring) that are not listed here. I think it’s GENIUS that he’s showcasing the best of both worlds with his talent.
    I stopped watching wrestling years back. But I’m supportive of this move.

  • Callum

    i dont know why they didnt unify the ecw title with the wwe title like they did with the wcw title

  • Starship Pain

    He have a different look, and potential, and talent. Damn, is World Bodybuilding Entertainment

  • mark

    i like husky, doesnt look his like what about mark henry or yokozuna, they have always have overweight wrestlers. dont get that reason

  • TomC

    I actually kind of like Husy Harris – but I do agree that he needs a bit more “personality” development. You could see his “rookie-ness” during the whole “initiation” stroyline.

    He DOES have the potential to be a fun WWE talent, though.

  • andy

    They need a change of pace in the looks dept…maybe if they quit obsessing on thier looks we could get some good characters.

  • CM Mark

    Another reason WWE is a bunch of morons. Husky is one of the best new talents they have. Way to go go WWE, another stupid decision.

  • Buttercastle

    Old Rocky merch? Time to spend some money!

  • Scottie 2 Hotty

    For what its worth, Husky Harris was never removed from the FCW roster on the web site. Nice reporting.

  • Vinny

    why is it that only ken doll look-alikes make it in WWE? theres nothing wrong with husky harris. If they make him lose weight, I guess they’ll just call him harris…

  • rick

    If wwe officials didn’t like Huskys look why did they put him on tv in the first place. It’s not like he looked any different when he first started in fcw.
    I’ll never understand Vince’s obsession with bodybuilders. Does it really matter if there are a few fatties on the roster.

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