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Impact Draws Lowest Rating Of 2012, Opening Video For Against All Odds, Mickie

— The February 9 episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.05 cable rating, which marks as the program’s lowest number of the year. Last week’s show drew a 1.16.

Impact Wrestling averaged 1,500,000 viewers over the course of two hours, down from last week’s average of 1,610,000.

The main event featuring James Storm and Sting against Bobby Roode and Bully Ray garnered the show’s peak rating with a 1.12. It is the first time this year in which the main event drew the program’s highest rating.

— TNA has released the video that will kick off Sunday’s Against All Odds pay-per-view event. In the main event, Bobby Roode will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Bully Ray.


— Mickie James will face Cheerleader Melissa and Malia Hosaka in a Triple Threat Match at a Traditional Championship Wrestling event taking place on Saturday, April 7 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Event details are available here.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Like a TNA mark on another site I use. Pretty weird coincidences because both Jason and Writer(the other site) claim to work for TNA, both praise TNA no matter what stupid decision they make while claiming it is the best “wrestling”, both are nowhere to be found when somebody has a valid argument…

  • OrkyBoy

    I just want to play Devils Advocate for a moment so think on this….

    Impacts lowest two rating shows were the ones without Jeff Hardy, following on some reasonable rating prior to his absence. It will be interesting to see what the ratings are like next week when he will feature again.

  • Nicholas

    @ Miz1984fan that is such an old argument. Everybody know that wrestling wouldn’t be were it is without Hogan but Hogan also had Vince Mac the smartest buisness man in wrestling. So don’t think Hogan did it alone. That is not the point here at all. To me the day Hulk Hogan was put in the Hall of Fame that was the end of Hogan in my book. Don’t really know why Hogan went to tna the same can be said abot Ric Flair the only thing I can come up with is they arew both broke. Which proves to me that the two greatest icon arenot smart buisness people an they are making Tna look old.

  • Miz1984fan

    Let’s blame hogan for all this as usual! Let’s just remember wrestling wouldn’t be wrestling without the hulkster!

  • r truth

    tna was fine this week the garet bissoff thing was a bust who agrees ?

  • kamala’s foot

    Where is Jason to fight today. He is acting like TNA in the 2010 monday night wars. Just running away.

  • Nicholas

    TNA is Wcw just under a new name. But you look the way Tna is run it is the same dam thing that happen in Wcw. I was an still am a huge Wcw fan the early part and love the way it took Wwf to the limit. But Tna is not even close to what Wcw was you see it took many years to get to where Wcw was an it is sas. Wcw was to me the better wrestling show between Wwf and Wcw. The thing was Wcw never push the young guys and they had the talent. Much like Tna does they just had these old guys that never put anybody over and was always hogging the spotlight. This is Tna right now an they are at that same point where Wcw was when people didn’t care anymore. Jason can come in an tell all the story he wants much like I did when Wcw die. You call me a mark of Wwe but I was more of a Wcw fan then you will ever know. To me Wcw was the better wrestling company they just kill them self. I don’t blame Wwe for what happen to Wcw. Wcw hurt them self and I am always going to wonder what would have happen if Wcw had stay the course.

  • Jared

    I keep bischoff before I keep hogan. Hogan brings nothing and eric brought way better production to TNA. their tv has gotten better just not the shows. When you have the glory hound hogan nothing will get done. keep eric on tv or behind and leave hogan off tv or get rid of him. I feel for hogan and what.he was going thru but when it comea to.wrestling stay.backstage or leave

  • venom

    Exactly what CC and Devil said. I have no problem with Gunner and Crimson getting pushes. I do have a problem with Garett Bischoff. Eric knows the fans don’t want see his son wrestle. Instead Eric trys to tell off the fans and say we are stupid mark and don’t know what we are talking about. Meanwhile we are expressing our opinions and he doesn’t listen. No kidding why the ratings are low. The future of TNA should be Storm, Roode, Gunner, not Garett like Hogan is aying.

  • scooter

    I actually thought with the exception of the hogan/garret lovefest this impact was really good and proved that the impact zones lack of atmosphere is sucking the life out of TNA

  • Jon

    Devil Rising and CC are both correct. Back in the day TNA was a great product. We usually saw JJ carry but we saw a Joe or a Styles go after it and usually win. X Division was great back then because it was different and it was fun seeing high risk matches. Plus it gave mid card a chance. Tag Team division was the best back then.

    Now it seems like TNA wash away to either pushing Bischoff son or pushing ex WWE or WCW talent, or basically pushing Gunner or Crimson down are thoat. Now if TNA needs a rebound or anything they need start form plan A which is start pushing Soman Joe or Aj Styles. It would be a start in the right direction.

  • lazlo woodbine

    Apart from any time Hogan or anyone named Bischoff were on screen, I thought it was the best episode in a while.

  • CC

    devil rising is correct. TNA once was great (we overlooked the JJ constant title runs because most people realised that the X Division was where the company truly made its name), now its not only no better than WWE, its actually worse.
    Its making all the same mistakes WWE and WCW has made over the years, and forgetting about all the good angles etc.

    When Hogan first talked about coming into TNA a few years back, he could have helped them no end (the attack at the conference was a perfect way to help push them), but the minute he and Eric came on board, the first thing they did was bring a load of other hasbeens with them, and try to make them go over the existing talent.
    You want to make a guy like Christopher Daniels be a top line talent, you dont make Val Venis bury him. You let Daniels beat Venis and then push the fact that he has just taken out a guy who is a veteran of the business.

    I think the the think DR has most spot on though is that the biggest problem in TNA right now is denial. He says Jason cant deny the facts that there are problems, when that is exactly what Jason and TNA is doing as a whole. Instead of looking at why their numbers are not growing, and concentrating on the product, they keep coming up with outside projects, diluting their attention.

    The recent UK tour should tell you what a crock the Bischoff angle is.
    The Brit crowds are a lot more lenient because they dont get to see a lot of these big names as regularly as the US crowd, but despite marking out for Hogan, the whole Bischoff angle drew nothing but jeers from the crowd.
    You may be able to bring in big crowds over here, but they will certainly tell you what is and isnt a shit angle. And Bischoffs son is a shit angle.

  • Devil_Rising


    You need to get something straight here.

    TNA sucks. It doesn’t suck because of the talent in the company (okay some of it, but they have a lot of REALLY good wrestlers too).

    It sucks because of Hogan, and Bischoff, and Russo, and Dixie’s inability to just let wrestling be wrestling. Ever since she took over, the company has shit it’s own pants as far as what originally made it interesting or unique in the first place. Such as the X Division. Such as a strong tag team division (which it doesn’t have anymore, hence the reason the titles are being fought over by two teams that were basically slapped together).

    Sure, they put the belt on Jeff Jarrett too much (I like to call it the “Verne Gagne” effect, the conflict of interest when a promotional owner also makes himself the top star). But other than that, and having RUSSO ever involved with anything wrestling related, TNA used to be decent to watch. They used to feature young guys from the Indy scene who were mostly unknown faces, who would put on great matches and try to offer something different from WWE.

    But for about the last half decade, TNA has done everything it possibly can to be “WCW 2.0”. And that isn’t just a meme. Look at the facts. They brought in Hall and Nash. They brought in Scott Steiner. They brought in Russo. They brought in Sting. They brought in every single old/released WWE wrestler they could possibly get their hands on. And put all those older, TOP GUYS, in the spotlight, pushing most of the young kids to the side. Sound familiar? That’s because WCW did just that. And if THAT wasn’t enough, then they brought in Hogan and Biscoff, ALONG with Russo already being there, to finalize the deal.

    Hogan is an icon of this business, but I’d hardly say he has a great mind for it. Just like Bischoff actually isn’t a bad guy, but he can’t just pull an “NWO 2.0” and make TNA’s rating suddenly skyrocket. Dixie is a dumbass, desperate owner, and all her daddy’s oil money hasn’t been able to buy them ratings or a better product in all this time.

    I seriously doubt that most people in here hate on TNA JUST to hate on it. I bet you anything that most of them, myself included, would LOVE TNA if it were actually good. Aside from the trolls and fanboys, I’d wager a good deal of us here just like wrestling, and want to see a better show. WWE is good at times, but they’ve gotten stagnant. They don’t have to try to hard, because they don’t have any LEGIT competition. And TNA COULD be that competition, but they take every bad idea in the book, and throw it at the wall to see what sticks.

    So get over it man. You love TNA. That’s great. You claim you “Work for them” or something? Great. Though you’ve got me as to why you hang around on a wrestling “news” website all day. But you can’t deny that TNA’s problems are legitimate. Great talent, being wasted, so that they can have Sting, and Hogan, and Flair, and Bischoff’s son on TV. Shit hasn’t changed. Main Event Mafia, Fortune, Immortal, even further back. Shit has been the same for years, and NOT in a good sense.

  • adam

    Its kidna hard to say of the year when its only 2 months in. Also i wouldnt really say wwe ratings are going up both ratings for both companies r in the shitter for different reasons. WWE its because everyone is bored with the pg stuff and for wwe it is horrible that ratings are this bad going into there biggest ppv of the year in wrestlmania. TNA has bad ratings because partially hogan and partially the hole heel world title thing is kind of messed up because everytime a heel wins the world title he joins immortal but as soon as he losses it he leaves and its kind of confusing. Both companies need to get there shit together.

  • Stevie P

    Keeping level at a 1.12 rating Jason, that’s not something to brag about, especially since it’s the Impact before a PPV. I can already see that the buys will suck.

  • kamala’s foot

    WWE’s Wrestlemanias make billions of dollars every year, something TNA hasn’t been able to do.

  • Jason

    Q 5 started at the 1 hour 10 mark (Second highest rated segment of the night). Q 6 started at the 1 hour 22 mark (lost some fans but not that much) Q 7 started at the 1 hour 38 mark (This nearly tied Q 5) The final Q hour with the over run had the highest ratings of the night. So from Q 5 and onward the viewership kept pretty much at the same level. The first hour is what hurt the ratings for this week and it’s only because of three new hyped shows starting up again at the same time slot. The NFL channel also did not help matters. Pretty much TNA kept the fans from Q 5 to the end which is something the WWE has not been able to o in over 2 years. WWE has strong Q hour numbers for the first hour but weak for the second while in TNA it’s the other way around.

  • Jason

    Not at all Sean, in fcat it’s the other way around. The opening Q and the third and fourth Q lost a ton of viewers, but the 5’th Q had the second highest ratings of the night followed by the main event which proves the Bischoff segment before the main event kept the viewers into the show to tune into the main event. Some of you really need to learn how the rating system works before just talking.

  • Sean Mooney

    @ jason

    The Hogan/Garrett segment was at the middle of the show (which is usually the most watched time-slot of the show). The fact that this was the lowest rated Impact of 2012, combined with the fact that the main event had gotten the highest ratings of the show suggests that the Hogan/Garrett segment either lost a lot of viewers and/or had done poorly.

  • Jason

    You call it trolling and I call it educating

  • Loopy420

    U call it a “shady site” Jason yet here u are trolling everyday

  • Jason

    Nicholas the joke is on you because The Hogan/Bischoff segment had the second highest ratings of the night by far. The last segment had the highest. I will make sure to post on the segment break downs if they get posted but seeing as how shady this site is, anything giving Bischoff or Hogan credit will not be posted.

  • Jon

    poko you do have a point. It only February. Why is it all year Pena

  • kamala’s foot

    Next week the ratings will be at .82.

  • poko

    My first thought was, “wow, lowest of the year …”

    Which was followed closely by, “wait, isn’t this just the beginning of February? Why would any article describe something as “of the year” after only one month?”

  • Jon

    I don’t think is going to last much longer. It keep going like low attendance at events, to low ratings, even allowing Flair to HOF on WWE TV. If im a wrester on TNA roster I would really rise up and tell Dixie to stop pushing old timer and push the original talent.

  • Nicholas

    That is so funny maybe Dixie should get a clue. Nobody wants to see Hogan anymore. He is making TNA look old everytime he shows up ratings goes down. Stop with Hulk Hogan the sooner they see that the better off TNA will be.

  • kamala’s foot

    Just when you thought Impact’s ratings couldn’t get any lower. As WWE’s ratings go up, and TNA’s ratings go down make me smile. Isn’t this what Jason posted not that long ago.

  • Sean Mooney

    I’ll be interesting to see the breakdown of the ratings in regards to the Hogan/Garrett segment. I can’t believe Hogan actually called him “the future of wrestling”. I mean if they’re going to give Garrett a shot, let him work his way up from the bottom. So far this angle has been worse and less entertaining than Hogan/Zach Gowan, and that’s saying a lot.

    There’s a lot of great talent losing TV time because of the Garrett Bischoff segments, it’s ridiculous.