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Impact Rating Drops For Fifth Straight Week, Knockout Defends The Young Bucks

— The August 18 episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.05 cable rating, down from 1.07 the week before. It was the program’s lowest rating since June 9 and second-lowest rating of 2011.

Impact averaged 1,455,000 viewers over the course of two hours, down from 1,540,000 last week.

Impact‘s rating has continuously dropped since July 20, which garnered a 1.26 cable rating. July 27 drew 1.20; August 4 drew 1.14; August 11 drew 1.07.

— Velvet Sky spoke out on behalf of The Young Bucks, whom Booker T slammed via Twitter for breaking locker room etiquette at this past week’s WWE television tapings. The TNA Knockout feels their shyness may be interpreted as disrespect, but they actually mean well.

“Very surprised to hear all of this controversy with The Young Bucks. From what I always witnessed, they were respectful with everyone,” she wrote on Twitter regarding her former colleagues. “I think their shyness gets interpreted as disrespect but I know them and they mean well.”


  • Nicholas G

    Everybody is already sick of it. I knew the moment Hogan and Bischoff came to TNA that is was going to be terrible. Why because as great as Hogan is an he is one of the all time great he does not understand the business. All it been about since Hogan got there is his ego and that is it.

  • poko

    I think in terms of the wrestling talent they have on hand, TNA has more potential than the WWE in terms of putting on quality matches. However, they need to stop trying to be the WWE (or WCW).

    I don’t know who is to blame, but the writing and direction lack any kind of cohesion or consistency. Characters change their orientation from week to week, or do things that make no sense. The storylines are splintered and fragmented, and they just pile new angles on top without resolving the old. It’s kind of a mess.

    One thing the WWE understands is that no plotline should drag on forever, but I get the feeling that we’re going to see Bischoff/Hogan as the focal point of TNA until everyone is sick of it.

  • jay are

    if tna keeps hogan and bitchoff, it will sink faster than wcw. good talent but the two of them should call themselves the doom of tna.. was a good wrestling organization with great talent until they came in the door. dixie bad move fire them before wwe buys you out or you lose your g-string. no offense but you have a excellent a**.

  • Nicholas G

    There is really no need to say anything the numbers speak for them self. Not just from the impact zone but the PPV buy rate all it really spells is trouble for TNA.

  • Skoochi

    I personally enjoy TNA… beats Cena, Cena, Cena. That’s to played out. Seriously. Hulk and Bischof played out too. However the wacked Sting persona I’m enjoying. CM Punk also though has me entertained. Otherwise BOTH need lots of help. TNA had somthing B4 Hulk imho. Hulk was a good boost for them but that was a longtime ago. The rating slide continue. Time for new shot in the ass.

  • Effmenow

    I hate how the title of the Impact news articles always attracts the trolls. I can smell them now.

  • jeff

    this shit got lame when hulk n eric took over…I didnt think it would go down hill when those 2 came in….its just bad now