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Impact Wrestling Rating, Previews for TNA’s New Immortal DVD, Angle, More

– Below are preview videos for TNA’s new DVD on Immortal, which comes out this coming week:

– Kurt Angle said on TNA Impact Wrestling this week that he was upset because he’s never beaten World Heavyweight Champion Sting. Angle actually beat Sting for the title back on the October 25th, 2007 episode of Impact.

– Stan sent word that this past Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling had 28 minutes and 25 seconds of in-ring action, down from the previous week.

– This past Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.19 cable rating, up from the previous week’s 1.10 rating.

  • adam tarasievich

    @erik they keep paying him because they hogan like tna is trying to relive his glory years and thinking it will make them all rich. They dont realize though that not many people are intrested in hogan flair bichoff anymore they want to see new young wrestlers but no tna is stuck were they are because of dixie carter and her stubborness and her lack of any knowledge in the wrestling buisness.

  • erik

    I don’t know about cena. but hogan is ready die soon. he can’t even walk anymore. why does tna pay this old hasbeen money? he has not draw money in over 13 years.

  • drg

    20 minutea after my post, suddenly everything is back to normal…?

  • drg

    Has Wrestling edge died? arguably one of the biggest angles for wrestling in the past decade, maybe even of all time is going on. Punk left with the wwe belt, HHH is taking over Vince’s job in storyline. Yet there has not been any new posts on here since a few hours before the ppv. What the hell?

  • TomC

    I have to agree with the general sentiment here – an “Immortal” DVD at this point is ridiculous. I would MUCH RATHER see a new TNA video game with Ultimate X, Steel cage matches, an enhanced TNA roster from over the last several years, etc.

  • lazlo woodbine

    I’d rather a Team Canada dvd, anything really would be better.

  • adam tarasievich

    Why in hell is there a immortal dvd. What have they done besides be a dissapointment loss there top star because he is a drug addict and annoy most of there fan bass by always being on air and taking time away from the good wrestlers.

  • cheesehandler

    why does immortal have a dvd?? answer…so hogan can make one last ditch effort to make one last buck before he gets found out and booted the fuck out tna

  • Eric Nixon

    @Steve – TNA and WWE will have the same rating when John Cena dies and Bret Hart from 1996 time travels to 2011 to wrestle Kurt Angle.

  • Steve

    Hhm….. Impact’s rating keeps going up and WWE’s rating continues to slide. At what time will they have the same rating????

  • venom

    Immortal is going to have a DVD? It will probably only be an hour long DVD. I don’t recall anything important happening with Immortal, but the failed hype to “THEY.”

  • venom

    Yea, I watched Impact for the first time this year and Angle was saying that. I was like, how does this guy not remember his own career. Painkillers and alcohol will do that.

  • al

    why does importal have a DVD?