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Indy Wrestler Files a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against WWE

– Slam Wrestling reports that independent wrestler Devon Nicholson has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against WWE, claiming that they wrongfully cut him from his developmental deal. Nicholson is the same wrestler that’s been in the news this year after claiming that WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher gave him Hepatitis C.

Nicholson filed the lawsuit back on August 26th in Canada, and it was served to WWE on September 26th. He is seeking damages from WWE for Wrongful dismissal and/or breach of contract at $600,000, aggravated and punitive damages at $5 million and damages for injury to dignity and self-respect at $250,000.

Nicholson was released from his developmental deal back in August of 2009, after being signed in June of that year. WWE claimed his release was due to licensing situations but he believes it’s because of his Hepatitis C.

  • venom

    I think his boy friend gave him hep C.

  • scooter

    Pretty Sure you can’t wrestle if you’ve got hep c so yeah wwe were right to release him just like tna were right to release desmond wolfe!

  • voice of reason

    i kind of agree when the guy placed a price tag on his dignity it kind of made him look like a gold digger if he did win the case let the court decide for him maybe the judge would of given him 10 million or just 1 million

  • TVMadeMeDoIt

    I cared about this until I saw that the moron actually put a price on his “dignity and self-respect.”

    Any man who puts a price on those things is a pussy just looking for a payday.

    Other than that and the 5 million dollars he wanted, he had a solid case all things considered. Doubt he will win, anyway. People have had stronger cases against WWE and failed.