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Indy Wrestlers Start Speculation on Ricardo’s Wellness Failure, HBK’s TV Show, Zeb Colter

– Zeb Colter tweeted to hype tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings:

“In #WWETopeka tonight…for #smackdown…might drop another BOMBSHELL on #wethepeople. If you’re afraid to say it, I’ll say it for you.”

– A new season premiere of Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures will air tonight on The Outdoor Channel at 11:30pm EST.

– There is no official word yet on what Ricardo Rodriguez was suspended for but there’s online rumors that he had been taking fat burners. Independent wrestler Leva Bates, who is a good friend of Ricardo’s, made a post this morning about him being suspended for using fat burners. Her post was quickly deleted. Another indy wrestler, JD Maverick, made a reference to fat burners in a Facebook post he made:

“So weird that some WWE Superstars get arrested for DUI’s, pot, and other illegal activity AND don’t get suspended…yet fat burners from GNC get you 30 days? GTFO.”

  • CC

    I think the big difference here is the same as in most work places, if you are caught smoking a joint at work you are most likely to get fired. If you are caught smoking a joint on your own time, its nothing to do with them.

    Its all about what they are under the influence of “while” they are working, and while they may have taken them during their own time, the fact they are still in the system is what WWE is getting them on.
    If you go out and get drunk one night and make a stupid mistake, do you think it should affect your day job?

    My issue with the likes of Swagger and Angle etc has nothing to do with their employers, but annoys the heck out of me is that the legal system seems to give them special treatment because of their celebrity status.

    Do we think Jeff Hardy would have got off as easy if he wasnt a celebrity? Any of us would have been in jail by now if we did what he did.

  • Will Henderson

    wasn’t one of Rey Mysterio’s suspensions caused by using a fat burner to lose the weight he gain during a injury. he suffered.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Ill believe this when I see an actual report on it, bc I could imagine almost every superstar uses fat burner type GNC stuff. I really don’t think that stuff would come up as being a bad UA bc they can tell what the stuff is with the tests. So we’ll see if this is true.

  • Pewp

    I thought Vince would be having all his guys doped up on fat burners, we all know how much he wants his wrestlers having spray-paint toned figures.

  • ddfindl

    Just goes to show you that WWE is more concerned with them being held somehow legally responsible for someone trying to get massive and not at all concerned with their performers putting other people’s lives at risk.

  • Scooter

    It amazes me that failing a test gets a worse punishment than a DUI in the longrun who’s being hurt by you using steroids? Where as if you’re impaired while driving you’re dangering the lives of others!