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More Information for WWE’s Upcoming RAW DVD & Blu-ray Set

– As noted earlier, WWE is set to release a RAW DVD and Blu-ray set featuring some of the best episodes in the history of the show. The description is as followed:

“Celebrate 20 years of nonstop entertainment with Raw 20th Anniversary Collection: The 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut & Unedited. With over 1000 episodes to its credit, Raw is by far the longest running episodic program in TV history. In this 12-disc DVD / 10-disc Blu-ray collection, WWE presents the 20 most timeless episodes for the first time in their entirety.

From landmark anniversaries, milestones, ratings bonanzas, and unforgettable shows that left a particular mark in WWE history, these episodes represent the rawest of Raw. Including: the highest rated Raw ever; Mania the night after WrestleMania; WWE takes over WCW and simulcasts Nitro; Dude Love interrupts Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon; the original ECW invasion; Homecoming, Raw Roulette, WrestleMania Rewind and so much more!

Featuring John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Mick Foley, CM Punk and all the greatest Superstars in the history of Raw! Plus, Michael Cole and the Bella‚Äôs present the detailed facts & figures behind the personalities, matches, venues and all the various quirks that have shaped Raw over the years.” provided the following information on which episodes will be featured in the set:

-Original ECW Invasion – February 1997
-Final Nitro/Raw simulcast – March 2001 (no word whether they will include the final Nitro as well).
-Raw Homecoming – October 2003 (USA Network return including Angle vs. Michaels Iron Man match)
-Bret Hart returns to Raw (January 2010)
-First episode of Raw (January 1993)
-DX Invasion (Creation of the Triple H led version of DX, April 1998)
-First-ever Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon (April 1998, episode that broke Nitro’s run in the ratings)
-Raw Roulette (November 2003, Victoria vs. Lita)
-Undertaker & Triple H & Shane McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock & Mr. McMahon (May 1999)
-Mankind wins WWF title (January 1999)
-15th Anniversary episode (December 2007)

  • Nick McGinniskin

    Could not agree more.

  • ddfindl

    Bro, you need to learn how to read – I commented on the comparison everyone else has been making, what is so hard to understand about that? Save yourself all this time and effort from typing sh*t and figure out what it is I’m saying before you reply saying the exact same thing as I am about the subject.

  • xXx

    i’m not talking about the IWC, i’m talking about your comment. so let me ask you again, isn’t your phrase “but wasn’t anything LIKE punk’s pipebomb” a comparison?

    i know everyone’s comparing hers to punk’s, but i’m talking about how you’re evading the fact that you also compared her. lol. you know what, this is like talking to a wall, nvm, have a good life

  • CC

    The biggest problem I had with the promo was the Bellas over the top reactions. Screaming all the way through it, and doing gestures usually associated with black girls trying to be gangsta, I think shouting “say that to our faces” when she was out there saying it to their faces just made it even worse.
    AJ did well, the Bellas nearly ruined it.
    I’m not Bella twin hater, as normally I dont mind them, but this was quite possibly the worst I have seen them.

  • ssadasd

    Ryblack is bound to be midcard forever. He coulda been great.

  • ddfindl

    Dude, where have you been? The entire IWC has been calling it a “pipebomb” and comparing it to CM Punk’s promo – Wrestling-Edge just did an article with Punk commenting on it, so no, I am not the one who compared it in the first place, I was making a comment saying they couldn’t be compared because they’re not the same… which, oddly enough, is what you’re doing too but for some reason feel like arguing with me about it.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    So it wasn’t a pipe bomb, it was a setup for their tv show.

  • xXx

    really.. so it wasn’t you who wrote ‘but wasn’t anything like punk’s pipebomb’? because that’s clearly making a comparison. not that its bad to compare though

  • ddfindl

    Its really not unlike promos we’ve heard in the past. Punk’s was what it was BECAUSE of the open mic, so I really don’t understand why people are freaking out over this. I’m not the one who compared them, everyone else is.

  • xXx

    please tell me they won’t give the title to one of them on NOC..

  • xXx

    well it’s kind of unfair for aj to be compared to punk’s promo. for one punk had an open mic whilst aj had a topic preset for the segment

  • ddfindl

    The promo was ok but wasn’t anything like Punk’s pipebomb

  • The Killswitch

    It was a joke. But as for Langston, I don’t think all hope is lost this early.

  • Stumpy

    I hope you know I am not referring to Langston. They already dropped the ball with him.

  • The Killswitch

    Nah I doubt that. He’s a strong guy, he wouldn’t drop it.

  • Stumpy

    It was a good promo. She came across as an anti-hero like Punk and SCSA. But the Big E will probably drop the ball like they do with so many other things that have potential.