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Internal Reaction to TNA’s Slammiversary PPV, Was Jeff Jarrett There?, Backstage Visitors

– As noted before, TNA will be bringing back the Bound For Glory Series this year with the first match taking place on Thursday’s Impact. Below is a promo video for the series:

– TNA founder Jeff Jarrett was not in attendance for TNA’s 10th year anniversary at Slammiversary last night. On Twitter, Jarrett thanked fans for their support and was posting Bible verses and inspirational quotes like usual.

– Former WWE star Lance Hoyt and former WWE Diva Stacy “The Kat” Carter were backstage visiting at TNA’s Slammiversary pay-per-view last night.

– The general feeling backstage last night was that it was TNA’s best effort in a long time.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • poko

    It was a very good PPV, though the main event wasn’t nearly as good as Sacrifice. I think they had so much stuff jammed in that the Roode/sting match couldn’t go as long as it should have.

    TNA is really doing well at the moment. I don’t know who turned it around, but they should get a bonus, along with whoever hired Austin Aries.

  • Chris H20

    The sooner Jeff comes back, the better!

  • scooter

    It was their best effort since 2009 when they were pushing wolfe/angle!

  • SYM

    Jeff Jarrett is one Country Mutha Fucka.

  • King Albert

    Lol the buyrates will prove how good the effort was