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Jay Lethal on Wanting to Join WWE, The Bullet Club, More

Ring of Honor’s Jay Lethal recently joined WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on The Ross Report this past week, you can check out some highlights here:

On The Bullet Club:

“It’s the cool thing right now. We mentioned before ‘what’s old is new’. This is, to me, hopefully, I don’t ruffle any feathers with this comment, but it’s the new nWo. When nWo started, it was the new, cool thing. You could add and subtract a member as you please and no one would shake a leg or shake a stick at it because it was so cool and popular at the time. And I also believe, gosh, I don’t know, I think every promotion out there right now, all the top ones anyway, have some form of The Bullet Club or The Club in them, right? We’ve got Ring Of Honor, there’s New Japan, there’s WWE. I’m not sure if TNA has any Club in them.”

On a possible WWE run:

“For me and most of the wrestlers from my generation, our love for professional wrestling started by watching the WWF, at the time, which is now the WWE. So for me, personally, it would be very cool to get to work for, even if it was just for a minute, to get to work for the company that really started my love for professional wrestling, so that would be a ‘yes’. I would definitely work for them given the right time [and] given the right circumstance.”

On his Wrestlemania dream opponent:

“100% it would be Chris Jericho. 100%. I’ve been a big fan of his, Chris Jericho, coincidentally, because I didn’t watch WCW much. And there was some rivalry in the house because one of my older brothers, he really loved WCW. And I remember he would try to get us to order WCW pay-per-views, but we didn’t have the money. It was either a WCW pay-per-view or a WWF, at the time, pay-per-view, so WWF always won. And when Jericho came to WWF, at the time, his first interaction with The Rock really, really made me a Chris Jericho fan and it made me go back and watch almost everything he had ever done since then and I really fell in love with Chris Jericho. And many times I have fantasized about ‘I could wrestle anybody, but the main person I’d be wrestling in my thought was Chris Jericho. So yeah, I’d definitely fill that blank in with Chris Jericho. I think he’s amazing.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

  • D2K

    Unfortunately I can’t see WWE ever using Jay Lethal properly. Then again, maybe so. They have given a lot of younger talent big pushes. His ability to do impersonations would be invaluable for the WWE.