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JBL Apologizes to Carlos Colon, Primo and Epico

– Apparently JBL offended Carlos Colon and the Puerto Rican wrestling community with some of his recent commentary on RAW. He blogged on Facebook and apologized:

“Wrestling has always had good guys and bad guys (heels), if there were no heels there would be no heroes.

I remember being in Austin, Texas and cutting a promo on how UT had lost to Oklahoma and mocking the Longhorns (which killed me as I am a lifelong UT fan). Or, being in Dallas with Tony Dorsett (one of my heroes, again a lifelong diehard Cowboy fan) being there and cutting a promo on the Cowboys about why they were losers. Both of those just killed me, but it’s a work-it’s what I do.

This past week I did 5 hours of TV for WWE, I am a heel announcer. I do my best to get over talent, story lines and hopefully entertain.

This past week I said many ‘heel’ things not intended to offend but rather to entertain.

I had said (working with two of best announcers in WWE history) that I was a ‘dollar working with two dimes’ (referring to JR and Cole).

I had said Brodus Clay was a cross between LaToya Jackson and Free Willy or a ‘Justin Timberlake trained sea monster’.

I said Mil Mascaras had a huge ego and glad his nephew ADR did not (when in reality ADR has a huge ego filled character on TV), it was a way to entertain-or at least try.

I went to Primo and Epico and made sure I had their title history as well as their father Carlo Colon’s, so I could try and help them in a very short match with Ryback.

I quoted their history, did my best to put them over and then made a comment with something to the effect of ‘Primo comes from a great heritage his father was a 24 time Puerto Rico champion’. I added, ‘he still owes me money… and many others’. I’m a heel.

However, apparently I have offended Mr Colon and/or the wrestling community/office in Puerto Rico. This was never intended, there was no malice. I was trying to entertain–and put his kids over by listing their histories.

So my apologies to Mr Colon, Primo and Epicco, and any of the other wrestling community in Puerto Rico that are now upset.

I had assumed they would know that I was merely trying my best to do my job and no malice was intended-that is obviously not the case, please understand my only intention was to entertain.”

  • David “Ranter”

    Also to the people hating my list. You can’t read I guess or don’t comprehend that I clearly said the Top Complete Wrestlers. Not the top selling people that make money but Wrestlers. The term you people are thinking of is as they say now “Superstars” that WWE/WCW/ECW/AWA or whatever company it is had like John Cena, Hulk Hogan, hot rod, stone cold, the rock,randy orton among all the others. There is two diffrent lists for those who are to simple minded. There is the Top Wrestlers Ever and Top Superstars Ever. Yes if you were making a Superstars of all time list they all would be in the top 20 but that wasn’t my list. My list was Wrestler the word you apparently don’t understand.

    A complete Wrestler would have been the people I named but mostly Eddie as he knew almost every move and had the ability to do every move there was to do just about, he sold everything he did in the ring as good as anyone, he could take a beating as good as anyone, he helped try to get the companies he was in to pay attention to people like Rey, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and many others. He also did good at selling his character like all the top Superstars but didn’t get the attention and promotion of them. That ladies gentlemen and little kids is what a Complete Wrestler is.

  • David “Ranter”

    You people need to learn how to grow up honestly. I’m not going to single any one thing out or tell you that you’re stupid for you’re opinion and won’t curse and be all violent over a stupid comment someone made. People are supossed to be aloud to have diffrent opinions and I notice this site doesn’t care for them like the current World doesn’t either. Even with all you’re hateful comments I will still be the bigger man and not lash out at you for you’re diffrent and hateful comments. I also didn’t make you read it you seen how long it was and seen what it was going to be like yet you are the ones that “wasted you’re time” as you would say to read it.

    If I have to be the Martyr to prove give my opinion I will. And that btw is the point. That atleast I’m not so hateful to someone for being diffrent or having diffrent opinions and I’m not going to be deterred from expressing myself just cause people can’t take it when someone is diffrent or has diffrent opinions then them.

  • gEtOnMyLeVeL

    I’ve compiled a list……
    of all the people I plan to pecker slap.

    1. David’s mom
    2. David’s grandma
    3. David’s dog
    4. Davids cat
    5. That girl that let David suck her pussy that one time
    6. David’s sister
    7. David

    Let me just add, I am not pecker slapping these people to get like, I am pecker slapping them to prove a point.

  • sandman

    ” Wrestling and if not oh well its you’re lose of some of the greatest matches you will ever see. The list is as follows.”

    your and you’re please learn to use them right

  • Wellsy

    A Top 20 list with no Steve Austin isn’t worth reading.

  • tdchristian

    Besides just being a decent person and explaining what should already have been known by the Colon’s, there may also be another reason for J.B.L.’s apology. Google “Carlos Colon , Bruiser Brody” for some history on Carlito’s Dad (specifically with regard to Bruiser Brody.

  • Pig

    David…..why prove a point when no one cares???
    That makes no sense.

  • the v

    David you are seriously a fukin loser and a closet cena lover.

  • David

    Oh btw tyler:)
    I don’t honestly care what you or anybody thinks of my opinion. Atleast I have one instead of being a typical current WWE fan who is in love with John Cena. I don’t care if you and everybody on here dislikes my damn comments. I don’t make them to get liked I make them to prove a point as I always have. I have been watching wrestling since I was a little boy. I have watched it for about 17 years now. I watched WCW and WWE I use to stay up and watch WCW in the middle of the night when I was a little kid. I’m sorry that I’m not a little kid anymore like the current WWE audience and grew balls enough to state the truth. But I’m not ever going to comment on what other people say to me on this site again as its not worth the time. Call me whatever you idiots want idc. Now its time to inform as Sandow would say the Ignoramuses out there here isThe Best Complete Wrestlers of all time. If you don’t agree with this order I’m sorry this is just how I feel and I would hope most can agree that these are the top guys in Wrestling and if not oh well its you’re lose of some of the greatest matches you will ever see. The list is as follows.

    1. Eddie Guerrero
    2. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
    3. Kurt Angle
    4. Ricky “Dragon” Steamboat
    5. Chris Jericho
    6. Chris Benoit
    7. Mr. Perfect Curt Henning
    8. CM Punk
    9. Bret “Hitman” Hart
    10. Shawn Michaels
    11. Triple H
    12. Edge
    13. Undertaker
    14. Dean Malenko
    15. Owen Hart
    16. Arn Anderson
    17. Bruno Sammartino(Longest reign ever as WWE Champion)
    18. Rey Mysterio
    19. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
    20. Verne Gagne

  • Stumpy

    Sounds like the Colons need to check their pants. Apparently their vaginas are leaking.

    Grow a set boys. It’s wrestling and JBL is one of the best heel commentators of the modern era. You should’ve been flattered he even mentioned you on live t.v.

  • donners

    it’s not much different to a one-liner bobby heenan, jesse ventura or jerry lawler (circa 1997) would’ve said.

    there’s nothing in it, people are overreacting. personally, jbl is a welcome addition to a stale and boring announce team, and i hope he sticks around once lawler comes back.

  • David

    No I didn’t know that if its true as I just recently started looking at this site. When I got linked to this site. Also if you and the great “WWE Universe” or anyone else that doesn’t want to be “the WWE Universe” have a problem with them three then you are sad people as they do what you’re suppossed to do as a Wrestler. Just cuz they’re Heel doesn’t mean they suck. The Miz,Punk & Ziggler do the best promos other then current WWE promo boy John Cena. Also ziggler takes the moves better then anyone currently in WWE and yes that means he takes moves better then The Best Wrestler In The World(currently) CM Punk. The only other guy who is as good as them is Bryan. I mean by wrestling ability not the mic skills(he’s getting better).

  • Tyler(:

    David said “Wow… John Bradshaw Layfield the “Wrestling God” one of the best commentators in my opinion currently(other then Punk,Miz,or Dolph).” – The names in Brackets prove you’re just trying to get likes because everyone knows them 3 are bummed on here.

  • mtlhitman

    I agree with you guys i laugh at that one and this new generation and era is more then soft and week they have to understand the differance and stop crying jesus man these guys get offended by nothing lol.JBL king and JR would be the dream team on raw JBL great heel wrestler or on the mic i give him props and Mr.Colon would need to start growing himself a real pair of balls what a humpalumpa he is !

  • Buttercastle

    Society these days are too soft about being offended on tv. Look at what shows are popular these days, the 500 singing/talent shows hosted by celebrities/singers who judge them so then they can get a record deal where everyone will probably forget about them because the next season is already on by then.

  • David

    Wow… John Bradshaw Layfield the “Wrestling God” one of the best commentators in my opinion currently(other then Punk,Miz,or Dolph). Had to appologize for that? I laughed when he said that it got my attention like was intended as I was only paying half attention till he said that since I knew Ryback even though he shouldn’t be able to, would sadly be aloud to demolish Primo & Epico one of the two best Tag TEAMS WWE has other then the Uso’s…JBL is suppossed to do that to get attention. That’s not the first time he’s said that comment either he said it before. The Colons are a great wrestling family but even JBL use to cut pomos picking on the greatest Wrestler of all time Eddie Guerrero & his family sometimes. Its part of the show people… first the Jericho incident that the fan in Rio started by throwing the flag at Jericho first…which means it hit the ground and is fair game…next we have the Orton Incident and Limp Bizkit incident where they did what Stone Cold did for years but they couldn’t since WWE is “PG”. Next the CM Punk incident that was WWE’s fault(or on purpose which is doubtful) where he hits a fan after being.
    1.Smacked on chest by a fan
    2.Poked by a fan
    3.Shoved by Lesnar fan
    5 Someone yelled push him down the stairs (probably lesnar fan)
    6. Hit in kidney area multiple times by Lesnar Fan I think
    7. Hit in the back and Punk warned them.
    8 the idiot with sunglasses walked right up behind him still & smacks him in the back of CM Punks head & Punk finnaly did somthing.

    I don’t blame Punk for slapping him back he and the lesnar fan deserved it. When you keep provoking someone you will get hit back. Just cause WWE makes him hold back on people like John Cena who he didn’t even kick in the head but once out of like 6 kicks I think that should hit his head counting the two GTS kicks that missed his head but yet Punk in 2 Seconds could kick King in the back of the head perfectly after he bumped into him.. 2 seconds! But yet he couldn’t to Cena as he knows Cena is the golden boy and he can’t hurt the golden boy. Sad that he can kick old little Rey in the head but not the great John Cena. Anyways oh wait I forgot about the stupid Del Rio ripping the boys sign which is sad as its called interacting with the “WWE Universe”. I woulda loved for one of my two signs to have been ripped by a WWE star of any kind let alone be shown on TV which I didn’t but just barely from a distance. Yet the kid and his mom complained? Then why the hell are they there? Its Wrestling they have been doing that for ages when they’re heel… grow up and grow a brain people in the “WWE Universe” and also people that listen to “Music” also are stupid…