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– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on July 23rd in Pittsburgh, PA drew 3,562 fans for $155,007.
* RAW on August 5th in Salt Lake City, UT drew 3,498 fans for $137,279.
* SummerSlam on August 14th in Los Angeles drew a sellout 14,105 fans for $1,008,150.
* RAW on August 15th in San Diego, CA drew 6,103 fans for $263,640.
* SmackDown on September 1st in Nimes, France drew 5,500 fans for $450,000.
* RAW on September 2nd in San Juan, PR drew 11,000 fans for $450,000.
* SmackDown on September 2nd in Geneva, Switzerland drew 4,500 fans for $430,000.
* RAW on September 3rd in Trenton, NJ drew 5,700 fans for $175,000.
* SmackDown on September 3rd in Paris, France drew 13,000 fans for $980,000.
* RAW on September 4th in Wheeling, WV drew 3,500 fans for $110,000.
* SmackDown on September 4th in Paris, France drew 5,700 fans for $480,000.

– Steve Austin is featured on the cover of the new issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine.

– JBL is teasing a potential new TV project on his Twitter. He wrote: “Turned down a ton of projects and all appearances over the last two years- got a TV show potential today that was interesting. We’ll see.”

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Zach D

    Try moving out of your moms basements and see if you get anywhere, but probably not

  • Zach D

    @ Ron

    Why say anything if you are going to get it wrong? Fruck u Ron and JSM

  • Yo

    Why did they skip the Smackdown and Raw in Canada in the end of August?

  • JSM

    ^ What Ron said

  • Ron

    So what, no ones perfect… Quit complaining

  • Zach D

    It wasn’t RAW in Pittsburgh, it was Smackdown! What the heck is wrong with reporters these days…

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