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Jeff Hardy Comments on Drug Addiction, Says His Brother Is Doing Really Well

– Jeff Hardy recently spoke with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald this week. Here are some quotes:

“I really believe that people learn from examples and through problems themselves. OK, my brother [Matt] and myself, for example, we never drank. We never did drugs. Nothing. I was 21, 22, when I started drinking beer, in wrestling, and then it escalated.”

“It’s easy to do. It’s easy to get addicted, but if you never start, you’ll never have to stop. That’s the best advice I can give anybody. I’m back to a place now where I was before, where I don’t need a pill to go paint a canvas. That’s my new fix is doing it again. It took a while to get there, but I’m here, and I’m a father now as well. That’s another huge inspiration in my life.”

“Through everything that has happened recently, to see Matt now, I think he’s doing really well. Even with my daughter now, I kind of know how my dad feels.”

  • Tombstonepildriver

    I Wish both Matt and Jeff all the best, I also hope that understand that it is going to take a long time before anyone beleives in either of them again. You have to prove yourself thru actions not words and their actions will have to be by staying clean and sober for years to come.

  • RPM

    wasn’t matt hardy off his gord in his NYE video? I doubt that guy is ever getting out of rehab and it really is sad.

  • Tyler(:

    @Jefferson The Miz got pushed because he can get over and can actually ( thought it’s bland ) wrestle. Morrison is just some parkour fool that sells like a jackass.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    ^ That’s the real shocker, Venom. That’d be like Miz being given the push instead of Morrison. Oh, that happened. What a shitty world we live in. Look, from personal experience, I know not to trust a drug addict and Jeff or Matt could slip and fall at any point. So I’m not about to kiss their asses and pat them on the backs. IF you’re doing good? Good, stay that way. But if/when you’re off the wagon, don’t expect anybody’s sympathy. That sucks. But that’s life.

  • venom

    Who would have tought Matt Hardy would have turned out worse than Jeff?

  • kamala’s foot

    He is full of it. Those druggies are on their death bed.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    I smell b.s. what to soon?