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- TNA star Jeff Hardy was scheduled to appear in a Moore County, North Carolina court on Wednesday morning, but once again, the case was continued to a later date.

This time, the reason for the continuance was that the district attorney’s office is still waiting for evidence to come back from the state bureau of investigation.

Hardy is facing multiple drug charges, including felony trafficking, stemming from his September 2009 arrest.

  • Becky

    the case should be thrown out, it seems to me that after a year and a half that Jeff’s right to a speedy trial has been violated.

  • bill sucks

    adam, jeff shuld get money 4 wat da mean juges are doin to him. he nd cena r da best!

  • adam

    they should just throw it out. I think one way or another he is going to be done soon. If he appears like he did sunday then i cant see him lasting to much longer with tna. Also for wwe i doubt vince will take a chance on him unless he complelty cleans up his act because no mattr how popular he is he’s not worth that much bad pr he could possibly bring to your company. I am not bashing with this statment but bad pr for tna is a lil bad but for wwe its huge because they are a huge corporatoin right now and that could be really bad.

  • bill sucks

    jeffs my homeboy, bros. he’s just doin his thing. he’s been great at the impact zone… hardy + cena + cole = total sickness!

  • Zidano666

    For fuck sake put him in jail already before he does some serious damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    @Trixie I agree. By the way, sorry about the DWTS comment. You made a good point about it.

  • http://[email protected] Trishy

    I wish his case would be dismissed.He might have made a mistake before but it’s still not right to hate him or diss him just because of it.Everybogy makes a mistake,it doesn’t matter how much the gravity is.I love Jeff Hardy & I admire his hardwork even if things are getting rough.He’s one of the best wrestler in the world & I’ll always be his biggest fab forever.

  • Trixie

    Really, come on. Either find him guilty and send him to jail or let him go. This is getting ridiculous.

  • ChrisDV

    @ Mark

    You left out the part where the WWE fire Jeff when he turns up to wrestle & he’s in the state he was in on Sunday.

  • Bill

    I wonder why Jeff has gotten so many continuances. A bit suspicious….

  • mark

    what a suprise, this case is just the biggest load of bs i have ever seen. In the time , hardy could have served his sentence , left TNA got help and be back in the WWE where he belongs by now

  • Gary

    mayne, watching this play out i rly see Jeff Getting off due to lack or tampering of evidence….Its the most used “cleb get off” excuse…..Im not a Jeff-Basher but i do feel that if he did time his head might click and we MIGHT get that Jeff Hardy V.1 (lol) back…hey, I said Maybe lol

  • kane

    if the da doesn’t have all the evidence after all this time, what’s the point? does north carolina have enough money to waste on this case that will seemingly gets delayed every month? either try him in court or let it go already.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge,com Sam Peters

    Maybe Jeff will say that he is ok to wrestle now :L

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