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Jeff Hardy Says He’s Returning To TNA This Week

Jeff Hardy, who has not appeared for TNA Wrestling in over five months, announced this evening on his Twitter account that he will be on hand for this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Huntsville, Alabama.

He wrote, “Ok it’s official…time to go back2work!I will be in Huntsville,AL this Thursday with ImpactWrestling!!!!”

The September 1 and September 8 episodes of Impact Wrestling will be taped that night at the Von Braun Center Arena.

Hardy last appeared for the organization on March 13 at Victory Road, competing in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match against Sting. The match, which was contested under No Disqualification rules, concluded in ninety seconds as company officials made an audible to cut it short after deeming that Hardy was in no condition to wrestle. He was sent home the following day.

  • jay are

    tna now hiring drug addicts and alcoholics! for a job see hulk hogan and eric bitchoff!!! tna really want to sink. while your at it bring back scott hall!! such a good organization, in the past and now just wasting money they don’t have. do you really believe jeff is sober? i don’t think so. look jeff used to be a good wrestler but he let us the fans down besides himself. i believe you don’t get over drugs in a couple months maybe years but tna is going crazy thinking that. i can bet any amount of money jeff will not only go back to drugs, but make an ahole out of himself. tna should really check jeff for a couple more months before they embarrass themselves. don’t get me wrong i like the hardys but why did matt get fired and jeff got a slap on the wrist. i feel that is what’s good for one should be good for the other, it’s only fair.

  • venom

    I will be glad to see him back if he got his act together.

  • from ricky neal i have feeling that jeff hardy will help mr anderson and fourtune this thursday night on impact whan they get attack bye scott steiner and gunner and than jeff hardy and mr anderson come to their add

  • Valo487

    I’m curious to see what happens when Jeff returns, because if his track record holds up he’ll be showing up under the influence again sooner or later, and after what happened with Matt it’ll look like a huge contradiction if they don’t release him.

  • ohdear

    1) Jwaller I see what you did there you crafty so and so.

    2) It’s been said but if this was any other wrestler and/or any other company Jeff would be out of work. He was drugged up during a high-profile main event, and what’s more Val Veinis noted that he took an icons finisher and just popped right up. We can all go on about how the pressure got to him, well fuck that he’s supposed to be a professional. Actors don’t let deaths or divorces effect their performances so why should he be let off? Now I’m not going to deny Jeff’s a huge commodity and that’s probably helped a fair bit, but this still shows how desperate TNA is.
    They’re still so untrustworthy of their self-established talent that they need yet another high profiler with a vendetta against WWE for their cheep ratings, or rather Russo and Hogan don’t quite get that people don’t want to see the same thing they did years ago in better companies. Prime example, I cared so much more when Styles took on Angle, Sting and Morgan than I ever will about the Sting/Flair match because I’ve seen it before. AJ winning the belt was refreshing. At the same time it’s refreshing to see Nash in WWE because he’s entering into a new feud. Something WWE is finally starting to catch on to is that establishing new stars is significantly more important for entertainment than putting a few legends out there and assuming everything will go well. The downfall of the WWE came when they realised they had a pool of legends to pick from for any feud they liked, starting ignoring the mid-card and became stale. TNA needs to learn that this same reason cause so many fans to switch off when they saw Hogan’s plastic lip bandit for the gazillionth time.

  • adam

    Who the hell cares unless he is completly sobber he is probably gonna end up on the sideline anyways. Also i still dont get why matt was fired for drunk driving and jeff shows up to work blasted out of his mind and only gets suspended. I also think its funny how tna people ruin there own shit. Like say he is coming back thursday on impact wouldnt it of been better to leave it as a suprise. I mean i know everything is taped so you can read the spoilers but dont spoil your own story its just like hogan when he said he is turning face in october really guys really. I think there better off dropping jeff because they were doing fine with out him. Its not like they were hitting some record breaking ratings while he was there any ways so what the hell.

  • ##

    BTW James/ODB match was awesome!

  • ##

    I’d rather see Mickie James vs ODB rematch than this overated drunk.

  • Bawb

    the Jet Li movie The One*

  • Bawb

    OH OH OH I see how the Hardys work–if one gets arrested, the other must be on television. They role play all the time, this is just to ease equilibrium. It’s like the movie the One, only without the dimensions.

  • JWaller

    OMG Jeff Hardy? WTF I though he was dead LOL

  • Omar

    LOL remember what happened when his brother said that he was returning to action next week?

  • Tyler(:

    Yeah seriously get rid of him, if he’s too high to do his ‘SO AWESOME ATHLETIC SKILLZOR!’ then he’s crap, he couldn’t even do a technical move to save his life, which Ironically will be over because of his drugs.

  • Symbiote

    Just fire him already! When you are trying to wrestle while under the influence you are putting everybody at risk!