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– As noted before, the April issue of WWE Magazine features 26 collector covers with various WWE Superstars.

Jeff Hardy isn’t happy that his brother Matt was not chosen for one of the covers. Jeff wrote on Twitter: “Matt Hardy not on one of the WWE Wrestlemania magazine covers. That is some bullshit to me. Think about it WWE fans, is that right or wrong?”

Matt later wrote this on Twitter: “I wanna thank everybody for fightin 4 me, means the world to me guys. Make your voices be heard to the Powers that be. Thx 4 everything.”

  • http://www.hotmail.com Richard

    I have a whole lot of respect for Matt Hardy, because –despite what anyone thinks– he’s a really hardworker. I have respect for Jeff Hardy as well, but to a certain degree. WWE pushed Jeff Hardy big time, but he screwed them over by going to TNA. Matt hardy deserved that push IMO. He stayed loyal to WWE for a good while, until he got fed up like MVP and Kaval. Jeff Hardy, on the other hand, turned his back on us WWE fans just like, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair (who btw should stop wrestling), and a few other former WWE stars who are now apart or were apart of TNA did. Kurt Angle is more reasonible. He left because WWE wouldn’t give him time off when he needed it. si I could see with him. And as far as Matt Hardy not being on the WWE magazine cover, he was not in the best of shape, so that could of been a factor to him not being on the cover. Also, he wasn’t on a role, so that could be another factor. And even though Matt Hardy went to TNA, I still have the utmost respect for that guy. He truly was a hardworker who busted his but for the us fans. I just hope he smartens up and stop making himself seem like a complete moron by doing these pointless youtube videos and tweeting thoughtless things. Matt Hardy is better than that.

  • John

    Dont understand Jeff Hardy went out while he was on top o his career hum did he jus leave jus because he knew he was goin to get caught with rugs again if i was vince i wuld bring never bring him back he spat in the face of WWE and its fns the ame in which hogan have done of an its now twice hogan an flair have done his ??

  • luster boy

    who cares about them anyways

  • Mark

    Jeff hardy is just trying to cause trouble. As far as im concerned Jeff hardy was one thing that the WWE did right and he craps on the WWE universe.

  • john

    Santino got his own cover!!! but tbh since jeff left Matt hardy has doin lterally nothing h i dnt even think hes had a major storyline and hes only appeared at the royal rumble and bragging rights making matt hardy ECw champion was klass matt hardy caaried ECW 4 nearly a year but then christain came in an matt took christains spot of wdestroying Jeff and matt failed at that. Jeff hardy and the rest of the TNA sellouts shouldnt be allowed to return to WWE.

  • ¿]¿

    truth is, like jay said, they both suck. If they were around in the early 90s, late 80s, the thing is that they wouldn’t be around. They woudn’t have cut it. Jeff with his pink n purple hair n such, it woudln’t fly back then. Hercules Hernandez would have pulled their heads off their shoulders.

  • jay

    they both are garbage

  • Buttshaver

    Even Santino (#1) and Evan Bourne (#17) got their own covers. Gosh!

  • Ed

    As much as i like jeff (in a totally straight way) everyone knows he screwed matt by going to tna

  • James Mills

    Matt Hardy is a boring tubby hillbilly who’s day in the sun has long since passed…

  • Chris

    Who cares about Matt Hardy, everyone knows Jeff Hardy is the only interesting Hardy.

  • MATT

    WWE aint goin let him go
    cus they know that hes gonna go to TNA

  • Jason

    Matt’s in the worst shape of his life, he is being made to job every week for whatever reason, and Jeff expects him to be put on a cover of a wwe magazine? what an idiot.

  • Mannul

    The Hardyz are kind of full of themselves now aren’t they?

  • Moe

    Matt Hardy to TNA!

  • Pea Nisse

    Matt needs the Mattitude back

  • Wrestling Guru #1

    Yeah every one of Matt’s peers are in TNA or headed there(Helms).

  • Steve Jones

    I think that’s the plan, RPM.

  • Steve

    Who gives a shit that Marty Jannetty, I mean Matt Hardy didn’t get his own cover. Matt is a good worker with the personality of a cactus. Maybe if Jeff was thinking more of his WWE career and not popping pills, Jeff would not have to be defending his big brother because he didn’t get a magazine cover. Don’t drop the soap in the shower Jeff.

  • RKOholic

    aww thats soo sweet of jeff 2 take a stand 4 his big bro :)

  • lil ant

    lmao rpm i think ur right

  • RPM

    Matt shouldn’t of commented, expect his release in 6-8 weeks

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