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Jeff Hardy Talks Hitting Rock Bottom, Borash Makes Appearance

– Jeremy Borash was a guest on “John Boy And Billy” show yesterday. Borash plugged TNA’s upcoming Hardcore Justice pay-per-view and yesterday’s Impact Wrestling.

– While promoting TNA’s Basebrawl event, Jeff Hardy talked with the Baltimore Sun about making a return after hitting “rock bottom” at last year’s Victory Road PPV.

“When I did return, wow, talk about being nervous,” Hardy said. “I pretty much admitted I hit rock bottom, and I said that in front of the world. I think that was good for me. After that was over, I said to myself, ‘OK, now I can start; I have my second chance, and I can roll with this.'”

  • Angry Benny

    oh kudos to you Jeff!! I mean they gave you everything, they even let you design that stupid world title belt you drew when you was high as a kite, you can’t wrestle, matt never did anything except fuck lita and bloq about it, Hardy’s in my book will always be the most over rated wrestlers that never amounted to anything, Matt’s wrestling in Orlando Jordans closet and Jeff paints his face to hide the shame of his past,

  • scooter

    Guys been sober for close to a year now and believe me when I say I loathed the guy but honestly hats off to him he woke up and realized he’s a husband and father now and stepped up!

  • Robinson

    I know lol. He’s gotten way to many chances. With his skills I dont understand why either. I will be bashed for saying this but niether of the hardys can wrestle.

  • Skip

    second chance, tenth chance, who’s counting.