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Jeff Hardy To Plead Guilty To Drug Charges

According to The Charlotte Observer, Jeff Hardy is set to plead guilty to drug charges when he returns to court next month. Word of this has come from the Moore County district attorney. Moore County deputies raided Hardy’s home in September 2009 after Fayetteville police received a tip about drug use at the residence. Found were 262 doses of Vicodin,180 Soma prescription pills, 55 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

  • Gil_GASH

    Ok so I dont care if Jeff screws up 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times and more, he deserves another chance to get things straught. And I dontt care what Jeff does he will always be my hero! he is an artist a poet an athlete and sooo much more in life and to me. Im standin on Jeff’s side forevr and always.

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    what are u his lawer there dont ask u bone head

  • dont ask

    the drug marks need to stfu, if you did what he does jumping off 40′ ladders and what not im sure you’d do the same don’t say you wouldn’t because that’s bullshit, leave the guy alone if didn’t think it was ã bad thing he wouldn’t be pleading guilty

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    jeff hardy should get off the coke and roids and start smokin some weeeeed

  • Kujo

    Hum. I was a huge fan of Jeff’s growing up. I think one of my fondest memories of wrestling was his ladder match with the Undertaker way back when. That whatever his personal demons, guilty pleasures, or whatever one wants to call it have seemingly deconstructed his life is unfortunate, but, those were his decisions. Still, I hate to see it happen.

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    i like the anderson being a face so mb if hardy takes a couple months off to sort out this court shit and then the immortal thing stops because thats stupid . if hardy does stay he and rvd should have a run

  • CM Mark

    I like it. Give it to Anderson awhile, I think he’s better as a heel character. I have no idea how to turn him right now though. Morgan as a face and Anderson as a heel. Book that shit.

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    theres a good chance within the next 3 months after matt hardys contract is over you will see matt in tna and being a heel with jeff or mabey by this time jeff will be a face character. and they should have a morgan/ anderson title match

  • Gary

    @ cm mark best idea ive heard in awhile

  • CM Mark

    End the Styles flair gimmick, turn him face, and give it back to him. THe original belt. Let him fued with angle or morgan.

  • David

    I just want to know who the next TNA world champion is going to be and when they’re getting rid of that punk-pop Liberace belt buckle they call a heavyweight title.

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    jeff hardy is a druggy and tna shouldnt of signed him, wwe has programs for their superstars with drug addiction

  • Bus
  • misfit

    @ gary, for the record I’ve never been a hardy fan, always felt he was overrated, to quote flair hardy is a “glorified stuntman”. And I’m sick of seeing celbrities get a slap in the wrist when they fuck up, yet when us regular joes fuck up we get the book thrown at us.

  • Gary

    @## LOL i like that one

    @CC no I defend people who gets BASHED just for making mistakes…I can sit here and talk about times many of your fav superstars that have failed multiple drug tests but still get that ‘fan boy’ love. I understand what Jeff has done, And I agree he is wrong for what he did and should face whatever the judge see’s fit. You CC proved a few points and u get my kudos for that…Im just not going to sit back and watch people ‘act’ tough over the internet and act a person as bad as ALOT of W-E vistors do…Juuuuuussssssssst Sayyyyyyyyyyinnnnng

  • CM Mark

    Anyone else on here think it’s funny that the “tip” came in the day after his last match with the WWE. Just sayin’.

  • effmenow

    …..I call bullshitt.

  • nnla

    @ gary

    Hardy might not be a “wrestling god” as you put it. But neither is Helms and well his arrest was plastered on TMZ and you can believe it or not but TMZ is a secondary news outlet (They are pretty damn accurate). Plus something as big as what Hardy was found to have would be big time in the minds of the majority of Americans. Plus news outlets are always finding ways to make wrestlers look like dumb a.s.s.e.s. and show that kids should not look up to them so yeah I find it weird that it’s not on CNN or even TMZ.

  • CC

    @Gary. Are you Jeffs boyfriend or something? The guy is a bloody idiot, and his own worst enemy, just like Scott Hall.
    It doesnt matter what anyone else has or hasnt done, its about Hardy, and his constant mess ups.
    What makes Hardy even worse than most is that he actually doesnt think he is doing anything that requires rehab or other help.
    At least in Scott Halls case, he has at least attempted to get straight, he just doesnt have the willpower to stick with it.

    Do you defend murderers by saying that its wrong to insult them because OJ Simpson got away with it?

  • ##

    “The Charismatic Inmate”, Jeff Hardy LOL

  • Gary

    Teff Hardy isn that big of a house hold name like Hogan, Yes he has a fan base but Hogan is a wrestling god. Whenever u mention wrestling the first name in alot of peoples name is hulk. and to you misfit, you can trash hardy all you want, but there is alot of wwe heads and big name non wwe heads who still use drugs, even after being caught…But since its jeff huh? I bet you was a HUGE hardy fan, probly did the finger taunt too….Remember, People make mistakes…Just cause these guys are on TV makes them no different from you and me….So to get on the INTERNET and trash a man going thru problems…You, You fail my sir….

  • mark

    It amazes me how this is almost word for word what is written on Wikipedia. My real question with this is how come none of the major news outlets have picked up on any of this? Anytime a wrestler does anything, the first ones to report anything is CNN. For a while there for a couple of years it seemed like evrytime Hulk Hogan farted, we heard about it. So again why have no major new outlets picked this up and where did this TIP come from? And why is WWE allowed to talk about in during commentary?

  • misfit

    Fuck hardy, he’s had chances after chances, and keeps messing up, time to pay the piper. Have fun in jail punk.

  • Gary

    I hope Jeff can get past this, To plead guilty to this is either 2 things…1, you know your wrong and ready to do your time…or your waiting for a plea and you THINK the judge is gna be nice….either way Get your life str8 Jeff, not just for you, or us the fans but for your child