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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Stephanie McMahon made the trip to Las Vegas last week with Triple H to be with Floyd Mayweather. Stephanie was shown on camera with Triple H in the fourth row.

– The plan is for WWE to push “The Viper” as Randy Orton’s nickname more than ever now.

– On September 16th, there was talks going on within WWE on what to do going forward with Matt Hardy following Jeff’s arrest. Hardy was in town for the tapings that week and wasn’t booked for TV although he was scheduled to headline all SmackDown live events that week with CM Punk. Matt does appear on this week’s Superstars in a match against Kane.

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    thats one hell ov an awesome comment…good on you sunshine..lol

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  • Billy Mays

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    seriously i think wrestling-edge should delete the comments that r made like the ones “Billy Mays” is constantly writing.. its rediculous and disrespectful

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  • Billy Mays

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  • scooter

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  • Thumper!

    I say put the title on Taker but add Matt Hardy to the mix and make Taker vs. CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy for the World title at TLC. Have Hardy win and have him fued with CM punk through The Royal Rumble and then eventually put the belt back on CM Punk and have him face the Royal Rumble winner at WM.

    Meanwhile…After The TLC PPV have Taker start building his WM 26 match. Maybe even start building it in the Royal Rumble Match.

    And then unfortunetly for Matt….They’ll either have to find him a WM oppenent or just put him in the MITB ladder match. But hey atleast he can quit bitchin about not ever being World Champion.

    I should be in WWE Creative.

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