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Jericho Furthers Feud With Punk At Awards Show, WWE Confiscates Albert Signs

— CM Punk wasn’t on hand to accept the “Most Metal Athlete” Award during the 2012 “Revolver” Golden Gods Awards ceremony Wednesday night in Los Angeles, California so the show’s host, Chris Jericho, accepted the award on the WWE Champion’s behalf.

“I want to accept this for him, and even though he beat me at WrestleMania, and basically embarrassed me, I will give this to him in good standing,” Jericho said before smashing Punk’s award over his knee and tossing it off the stage.

Video and photos from the incident are available here.

— At Monday’s Raw SuperShow at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C., WWE had arena security confiscate signs referencing Lord Tensai’s prior characters—Prince Albert, Albert and A-Train. The signs were taken away prior to his match against Yoshi Tatsu. During the bout, the crowd could be heard chanting “Albert,” which Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler did not acknowledge.

While Cole referred to Lord Tensai as a returning WWE Superstar in his Raw SuperShow debut last week, there has not been any specific references made to any of his former personas on television. However, has acknowledged that he previously competed as Albert and A-Train before “embarking on a journey of self-discovery in Japan.”

  • marclerouxxx

    This new gimmick may have done great in Japan but were not Japanese. Even wrestling culture is completely different. He would have had a much bigger pop returning to the U.S. as Prince Albert or A-train.

  • hey hey

    yeah go on WWE confiscate the albert signs just like every other sign that comes in… signs is what made WWE

  • JayHawk

    its rabid wolverine

  • chronoxiong

    No surprise there. I mean, the WWE wants us to forget about the guy who used to have the nickname of “Rapid Wolverine.”

  • Helen

    For a global business, WWE sure are stupid. Why don’t they just acknowledge Lord Tensai was Prince Albert/Albert/A-Train. They can make a comparison to how he has changed and become more aggressive, angry and hungry. I hate the stereotypes WWE has. Why the hell is Jinder Mahal putting his turban in a clear protective case. Why was the Great Khali billed from the Punjab Jungle are you serious? Why do they have to keep pointing out that Justin Gabriel is from Capt Town, South Africa that doesn’t help him develop a personality. WWE is full of inbred racists including McMahon himself who judges on religion, skin color, ethnicity, race, etc. Fucking old fuck!

  • Little Jimmy

    This Gimmick is just too complex for it to work, I can smell disaster.

  • Dean

    @TheProudRepublican. WWE gives you freedom of speech but not freedom of signs

  • shawn

    oh my god i was laughing. its just a wrestling character guys. i want to see him in an even match, not a time filler.

  • Logan

    Uh, WWE is aware there is something called YouTube right? Don’t really see the point with them trying to “erase” Prince Albert/Albert/A-Train.

  • “Bad Man Bigelow”

    If anyone references it, no doubt it will be Punk.

  • TheProudRepublican

    So much for freedom of speech, huh Vince?

  • Statch

    So much for people power.

  • Shawn

    Does WWE think we’re dumb?

    Wait… no need to answer that, it’s a resounding “YES! YES! YES!”


  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    omg! i completely forgot it was albert because of the lack of signs, i did wonder why they were chanting albert though!

    yes my friends sarcasm 🙂 seriously has wwe not learned? you can not fool us, in fact this is more condescending/patronising than anything else

  • Gorilla

    If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around does it make a sound….if wwe doesn’t acknowledge a superstars career does that mean it never happen

  • dlb

    The albert chant made me laugh. I wonder if they would take away giant bernard signs?