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Jerry Lawler Reveals Target Date For Return To The Ring and Announce Booth

Jerry “The King” Lawler, who suffered a heart attack while announcing at a WWE event in Montreal Sept. 10, made his first public appearance on Friday at an independent wrestling show that took place at the Mid-South Fair in South Haven, Mississippi.

Before his heart attack, Lawler, 62, was scheduled to wrestle in two matches. Instead, he met fans and served as a ringside commentator.

Speaking to Action News 5 is Memphis, Tennessee, Lawler said WWE head Vince McMahon assured him to take as much time off as he needs. Lawler, however, is targeting November for his full-time return to the squared circle and broadcast booth. He originally wanted to return to the ring and booth this month, but McMahon felt it was “too soon.”

Before making his full-time return, Lawler will appear at the October 16 SmackDown taping in Memphis, Tennessee.

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  • The_electrifying_one

    So glad to hear how well the King is doing. It’s a literal miracle that man is still alive.

    (Not to put down the EMT’s and ppl who saved his life)

  • Matt

    He prolly wants to get back as soon as possible as even though he’s hof’er and all, he may still feel someone might replace him..

  • MrDr3w

    Funny how Vince told Lawler to take as much time as he needed to recover before returning to work, but when made a decision, Vince said it was too soon…

  • Stevie P

    There is no way this was storyline. The way they handled it on Raw, you can tell it was very real.

  • Deva

    what if this was a storyline just to get on the main stream media publicity and to sell jerry lawler shirts… well new ones, I can see vince being this diabolical

  • Bill

    Regardless of when Jerry returns, PLEASE PUT JBL OR JR ON COMMENTARY PERMANENTLY!

  • Ron

    I heard rumors that the heart attack is only storyline… Much like the hbk/Owen hart concussion angle from the late 90’s… Don’t know how true it is tho

  • XSF

    Seems the only person trying to rush his return is Lawler himself.

  • Loopy420

    Ummm…… no one is rushing him it clearly states that he wanted to return soon but Vince said no.

  • SYM

    Why is Everyone trying to Rush this Man’s return? Lawler’s putting More and More stress on himself. He should be out for the Rest of 2012 and Maybe return in 2013. I just feel like when you have a Heart Attack on Live TV unexpectedly (Because he Apparently was Healthy as an Ox) the last thing you should worry about is Returning to Live TV.