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Jim Duggan Says Wrestling Doesn’t Need Beer-Swilling and Middle Finger Gestures

Promoting his appearance this Saturday at Marvin Vinson Center in Clarksville, Arkansas, for Traditional Championship Wrestling’s “Holiday Homecoming 2″ event, WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan say he’s happy to work for a promotion that caters to families.

“The name sums it up,” said Duggan. “Traditional Championship Wrestling. There are no obscene gestures. It’s the wrestling people grew up with. You cheer the good guys and you boo the bad guys. You come to a TCW event and you’ll have more fun than you’ll have at a movie. It reminds me of the old Mid-South [Wrestling].”

The legendary grappler prefers this type of product to that of the WWE’s raunchy “Attitude Era,” which routinely showcased disrespectful, beer-swilling anti-heroes who defied authority.

“I think the pendulum swung way off during the WWE era,” says Duggan. “I think wrestling should be family entertainment. We don’t need those obscene gestures. It’s for kids. I’ll be screaming ‘hooooo’ and ‘U-S-A’. I don’t think you need someone out there drinking beer and giving someone the bird.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Duggan reveals how he got his start in professional wrestling.

  • Bill

    Didn’t Jim Duggan do cocaine back in the 80s?

  • a heyman guy

    maybe on his home planet, wherever that may be, his comment makes sense, but here, on earth, get the fuck outta here duggan!! maybe if he had checked the numbers since the attitude ear ended. mamahon is no longer a billionaire, rating drop lower each week. last time i checked when middle fingers and beer flew everywhere, everyone wanted to see it. kids, teens, young to old adults, everyone! duggan, you sir, are insane!

  • Jimbo

    Stuck in the past. Also funny coming from a guy with well-documented alcohol and drug abuse.

  • Jon

    But it also doesn’t need PG garabe we have for years. It time to make wrestling more exicting. True nothing can replace the Attitude Era but at least something.

  • Tenryu Genichiro

    Uh, Hacksaw, the Attitude era ended ten years ago.