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Jim Ross Addresses Brock Lesnar’s Return To WWE – Why Is He Back?

John Cena called The Rock out to the ring at the conclusion of Monday’s Raw SuperShow, but was instead greeted with a brutal F5 courtesy of Brock Lesnar. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross went on Twitter to address the recently-retired mixed martial artist’s shocking return to sports entertainment.

“Why’s Brock Lesnar back? I’d suggest 2 earn BIG money. He’s done w/ UFC & still young. He’s a complex, supreme athlete. Interesting times,” he wrote.

Ross continued, “I don’t know of Lesnar’s contractual matters w/ WWE. None of our business. I did his 1st few deals. Let’s not over think this. Brock’s back!”

Ross also responded to a remark stating that he once said that Lesnar would never return to WWE, writing, “Never full time IMO. But enough to matter.”

  • steve

    Cena was the man until rock returned last year. i hated Cena since day one but over the past year i have gained so much respect for the man.. and all that he does for the company and his fans to be treated like this? It just doesnt make sense to me…

  • Vic

    Hey Jehova Don fuck you that’s my chant

    Haha jk bro BTW it’s……


  • 0431

    The Mid Card wrestlers from the 80’s and 90’s are better than most of the New Blood in WWE. There was never the great transition from the old talent to the new. Without that transition you are doomed to fail. That’s why they are bringing the big names back to save the WWE and actually build some of the half decent young talent that they do have. There will be more big names who come back in 2012.

  • 360degrees

    Brocks better than the younger talent coz he’s a legit wrestler but a powerhouse as well so everyones happy. Hope fully he beats that injury riddled hopless near 50 year old guy you call Undertaker into retirement
    that 6’10 290 pounder WWE simply don’t need. Orton,Punk,Cena,Ryder,Rock,Lesnar and even Ziggler make WWE more money than Takers made them in the last 5 years

  • Pig

    Lesnar is a pop corn fart away from a Diver T attack. He wont last long if he is on the road and abusing himself.

    Sable…you dont even want to see her now….old and fuddled. She’s looking rough, but what do you expect? Plastic surgery usually turns them into clowns.

  • 2ratedrko2

    WWE is finally starting to realize that the crowd reacts more, when Cena loses, and when they bring in big names to beat him. Cena will NEVER be THE MAN.

  • tombstone

    Wanna know why he is back? It’s simple, Steroids can get very expensive.

  • cenas_balls_left_in_miami_

    No Brock is back for the ratings and to whip cenas like he did back in the day

  • BlaH


    The reason he’s back is simple: WWE has zero faith in their younger, newer talent.

    Thats the sad thing.

  • b c Mitchell

    Why do people assume nobody would talk shit on him? He’s a tough looking guy but he isn’t an unbeatable guy. He got his ass whipped in his first UFC fight and his last one. Plus he should’ve lost the belt to Carwin in that fight cause Carwin was beating the hell out of him. He’s back for maybe a year. He’ll fight a handful of matches and then put in a lackluster effort at next years ‘Mania because he knows he’ll be leaving and got paid. Its not like when Rock came back. Rocks a legit icon. Brock was a flash in the pan who left us wondering how good we could have been.

  • the_electrifying_one

    Either way just two words for to sum up RAW! HOLY SHIT!!!!

    WM28 and last nights Raw best two WWE shows in I don’t know how many years. I marked out through Mania. I mean Taker, HHH & HBK stole the show. The Rock kicked ass. Jericho and Punk had the best technical match I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Then on Raw. Rock says he wants to be WWE champ again and Lesnar returns. HOLY SHIT!!! Things are getting good.

    Here is my guess. Cena and Brock have a bit of a feud. Cena wins the WWE title. Summerslam Rock and Cena have round 2 for the WWE title and Cena wins but gets attacked by brock at the end of the match. This builds up to Survivor Series with Brock beating Cena for the title.

    Fast forward to the rumble. Cena V Brock. Cena beats Brock after the rock costs brock the title. The Rock goes on to win the Royal Rumble.

    Rock says he is going after the WWE title bringing it to Cena Rock 3. Brock is pissed and we end up with Brock v Cena v Rock at WM29.

    An awesome nice year long running feud with potentially some awesome matches. (Damn i should be in creative)

  • Devil_Rising

    The reason he’s back is simple: WWE has zero faith in their younger, newer talent.

  • Skoochi

    @ Jeff – Where is Sable? (Clap clap clap) Where is Sable? (Clap clap clap). That’s classic! Kudos to you.

    Thought the Lesner return was HUGE. Not ROCK huge but HUGE.

    Raw last night WAS good yes. Next week though? Week after that?? TNA can manage to pull off atleast one good show everynow and then.

    Johnny (ACE) running both shows not sure about. Hope if true Teddy is gonna do creative writing.

  • philly655

    OMG… Things just got very interesting… cant wait to watch raw tonight….at work another 7 hours though 🙁

  • @smiffybluenose

    how come no one is talking about what the rock said?

    he wants to become wwe champion again!

    lesner is back because, unlike the rock, he probably does need the money which is ok for me. ultimatly we win coz we get to watch lesner kick cenas ass for a while. im not particularly a lesner fan in fact i dont like him but hes alot better than most of the poor characterless talent (i use that word loosly) on the roster.

    and isnt there rumour that the bat is on his way back? cud get interesting .

    all this is just proof that wwe needs to drop this pg crap. let the talent develop like it did 10-15 years ago and get rid of the lower card crap.


  • tombstone

    Ok th steroid freak is back. Now I just hope he goes away again soon. But then one injury and he will bail just like before. Brock cant handle the pain.

    HaHa you all thought I was finally gone didnt you.

  • Mark

    just seen raw from last nite . wow wot an ovation for lesnar on his return. Crowd was hot last nite . U noticed how sheamus got roundly booed when he came to the ring. This could effect his title run. WWE made a huge mistake with sheamus v bryan match. How is Bryan going to be effective heel if hes going to get cheered

  • SCSA852k

    It’s becoming a tradition for guys who left WWE on a sour note,
    all come back and tap on the Kung Pao B****.
    Who’s next?
    Goldberg? Kurt Angle?

    Everyone come back so you can beat up on John Cena!

    But I’m still glad Brock’s back.

  • Jehova Don

    here comes the motherfucking pain

  • Marc

    WM 29 is all ready shaping up like it could be something special if we have Brock Lesnar vs. Cena and The Rock vs. CM Punk(or whoever is champ at the time) for the WWE Championship. It seems like WWE is starting to get their act together suddenly. I hope it lasts.

  • Jeff

    Where is Sable??? (Clap,clap, clap) Where is Sable??? (clap, clap, clap) Where is Sable???

  • Soulshroude

    It couldn’t be an immediate title shot for Brock, he is on a storyline with Cena. Cena is not in the title picture… Duh!

  • adam

    The thing everyone needs to understand about lesnar is he accomplished so much so fast that i think he got burnt out pretty quick. So he left and tried the football thing that didnt work tried UFC did alright in it but he knew and vince knew the WWE door was always open they just had to wait to get the ok from Dana White or until the contract was officialy over with UFC.

  • poko


    I agree, anyone who criticized the Rock but isn’t criticizing Lesnar is a hypocrite, plain and simple. Especially since the Rock came back as a huge success in his second career, which means that he didn’t do it for the money, while Lesnar only came back after failing at his second AND third career.

    That being said, I think the entire “sell out” argument is for unrealistic children, and I’m glad to see both of them back in wrestling. I’m not a fan of Lesnar at all as a person, but I think his character might just be what the WWE needs.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    My question is how much is the backstage locker room guys going to talk trash on Lesnar? I mean if they were disrespecting the Rock when he didnt deserve it, talking about “he is stealing our time and stealing our spot” after everything hes done for the business, I am very curious to what they will say about Brock Lesnar, especially how he left.

    For the record I think the guys complaining about The Rock returning are a bunch of ungrateful little

  • cakes

    As a fan of the WWE and Brock Lesnar, I must admit that I was extremely disrespected when Brock Lesnar just left the WWE. Although he was EXTREMELY talented (as a character and as a real life ass kicker), he was pretty much given everything on a silver platter by the WWE. The hatred and jealously that the rock was getting for leaving the WWE is something I feel that Brock Lesnar should be getting. The Rock was with the company for 7 years (and grew up in the business), accomplished everything, and defined the word longjevity in this business. Brock, however, was really only with the company for 3 years and walked out after the WWE built their future around him. I understand why Lesnar left and supported his decision, but I wasn’t a fan of how he bashed wrestling after he left. But, that doesn’t change the fact that with him returning, the possibilities and potential feuds are AMAZING. Lesnar can come out and say that he was the next big thing before Cena blew up and Cena only became a star because Lesnar left and allowed him to be. This can bring back the Rock who can argue that Lesnar only became a star after he beat the Rock, and once the Rock left, it allowed Lesnar the opportunity to leave wrestling and find success else where. This will cause Cena to use his redundant “I bust my ass every night” speech after you 2 turned your backs on the fans. Eventually, Cena can challenge the Rock at his “new hometown” LA at Summerslam while Lesnar can fight Taker in the mean time. Have Cena beat the Rock at SS thus making their records 1-1 against each other since their feud is evolving into who is the greatest WWE superstar of all time. But, Lesnar eventually intervenes claiming that neither the Rock or Cena has beaten him and Brock has beaten both Cena and Rock. This will lead up to WM29 where Lesnar vs Cena vs Rock is the main event

  • jajaj

    Cena has not had a title shot in forever. I know you people dont want him to have one, but the argument of saying he keeps getting one is old because he has not been in the title pic for a while now…

  • payaso

    Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus

  • all american hero

    As long as cena stays out the title picture

  • This Guy

    I’m assuming immediate title shot for Lesnar