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Jim Ross Blog: Heyman & Punk Together, Chicago Edition of Raw, Next NXT Taping

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog on JrsBarBq. Here are a few highlights.

On Eve winning Stars Earn Stripes: Congrats to Eve Torres on winning Star and Stripes on NBC and a huge check for the USO. I’m of the mindset that Eve Torres has ample range and can have a career in varying roles on WWE programming or outside of it. She’s a MMA aficionado which garners great respect from yours truly. Plus, and most importantly, Eve is a grounded, good person who I feel WWE can depend upon to invest and build.

Chicago’s interaction on Raw: Loved the Chicago crowd’s interaction and contributions to the broadcast. An enthusiastic live audience can make the difference in a fair show becoming a good show. I’m still a fan who also enjoys reading the signs which I see as unique market research to some degree.

Orton vs. Ziggler: Orton vs Ziggler was PPV quality or restaurant quality as I’ve been known to say. Really strong effort by @RandyOrton and @HeelZiggler. Ziggler cheating to win was approiate or so it seemed.

New team of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara: I like the team of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara but wish that Sin Cara would acquire the skills to communicate better with the English speaking fans.

Thoughts on Ryback: Ryback is starting to move the emotion needle seemingly every week. The “Feed Me More” chants are growing. I only wish that I could tie that in to a JR’s BBQ Sauce promotion during the football tailgating season and on into the holidays. Hey, an entrepreneur can dream, can’t he? I can see Ryback taking the next step sooner than later on WWE TV.

Heyman and Punk Together: Heyman and Punk together is a potentially outstanding dynamic with which fans can emotionally invest. It has many potential roads to travel but associating with Heyman will certainly help facilitate Punk being looked upon by many as an antagonist.

Next NXT tapings: I’m returning to Orlando on September 20 for the NXT tapings where @JohnCena will be the special guest @FullSail University.

  • TheSheepDog

    Heres hoping Punk gets interesting again, not enjoyed the past year punk really, noway near as much as i did SES Punk and hardy rivalry, so heres hoping either way, a non ‘face’ punk