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Jim Ross Blog: Ric Flair’s Future, Shield at TLC, Raw on Monday

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted his latest blog at Here are some highlights.

The Shield at TLC: “The Shield rocked at TLC in the 6 man tag but one cannot forget that they did not perform alone. Kane, who is a future HOF talent, Daniel Bryan, who may be the best all around performer in WWE, and newcomer of the year Ryback obviously added to the equation. Bottom line is that the 6 man tag was memorable, exciting to watch, and next to impossible to follow.”

RAW this past Monday: “RAW was a fun experience. I didn’t know that I was needed until Sunday evening but was excited and pleased to get the call. It’s always good to see old friends and there were many on hand in Philly Monday. I had no idea that Ric Flair was at the arena as I did not see him until he went out to present the Slammy for Superstar of the Year. We caught up after Raw late into the night along with Mean Gene, Pat Paterson and a handful of other friends. I do know that my 4:30 am wake up call came much too early to enable me to take the first flight out of Philly back to OKC.”

Ric Flair’s future: “Not sure of Ric Flair’s long term future with WWE but I’m assuming that Naitch wants to land back in WWE for the long haul. Ric has great value and name identity and in the proper role can obviously contribute to WWE. Assuming Ric never wrestles again, his verbal skills and long established persona can be an asset. The smartest WWE talents will use Ric as resource and with reverent respect. The others will be sorry of the missed opportunity.”

  • Tombstone

    And yofitz is a penis pruner.

  • yofitz

    Ric Flair has a pruny penis.

  • Territories

    Yeah he can teach them all about spending all your money and ending up a broke ole has-been and the ends and out of divorce! Wow great influence! Good ole JR has been teaching ass kissing for some time now too!

  • Nicholas

    I also think Ric Flair would make a good manager for an up comer.

  • Jon


  • Jimmy g

    Flair for gm of both shows