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Jim Ross Blog: Tyson Qualifying for MITB, New WWE GM, and More

Jim Ross back with another blog update, here are the highlights.

Tyson Kidd Qualifying For MITB: “Happy to see Tyson Kidd’s success on Smackdown Friday night. Tyson has seemingly found his personality, so to speak, to go along with his significant in ring skills. I love his in ring persona, which will/should only get bigger and better, and the skill set that the Calgary Kid brings to the table. A recent NXT bout vs. Michael McGillicutty gave me all that I needed to see on both young athletes who have wrestling DNA running in their veins. ”

The New WWE General Manager: “Who do I want to see as the new GM of Raw and/or Smackdown? I’ve got no dog in the hunt but I know that isn’t a role that I would embrace or with which I would be be good.”

Breakout Performer Of The Year: “Who is the break out performer in WWE so farin 2012? Is there really any debate? It has to be AJ who has taken the opportunities provided her, the creative input she’s received and has made her role bigger than I’m sure many perceived that it would ever become. Obviously, AJ waited for her opportunity and maximized her minutes no matter how few or how insignificant that they may have seemed at the time.”

  • Devil Rising Jr

    john. thought you wanted Bret Hart, having a man crush on him

  • john

    austin for RAW GM!! get our RAW is WAR back for us adults… whilst on smackdown well.. that can be for the 9 years old.. with the likes of cena etc who ‘entertain’ the kids! everybody’s happy

  • Devil Rising Jr

    Nick , you’re delusional. You’re a nothin, a nobody, a peon , a blemish on the devil’s buttocks. It was wwe creative that made kidd have that opportunity

  • Bill

    After the whole storyline with AJ, I believe that Divas can get much more exposure if they’re in storyline with Superstars. Look at Trish Stratus & Lita. Remember their feud with Chris Jericho & Christian? Lita also hat storylines with Kane, Edge, & Matt Hardy. Let’s fast forward to January. Eve’s feud with Kane, Ryder, & Cena. Honesty, besides a feud involving Kharma & Beth Phoenix & Natalya or something, I really don’t care about the divas. But, if let’s say Kelly Kelly started being followed around by Drew McIntyre, & they got I volved in each others matches, & Drew would recite demonic poetry or something, a sense of intrigue is supplied. Maybe my example isn’t concrete, but you guys understand, right? Divas do better in storylines with Superstars.

  • xXx

    they need high-flyers in the mitb match, too bad they didn’t put justin gabriel in it but instead we get a-train. dafuq, how can the ladder support him? i mean sure, kane were in multiple mitb matches but the big guy can actually fly.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    now I know you arent serious… mentioned Khali and credible in the same sentence…
    Kidd does have a lot of offer and I believe this match will highlight his skills.

  • yofits

    Tyson Kidd sucks, they should have put in Heath Slater or Khali or Sin Cara or Mason Ryan instead. At least those people are more credible.

  • Nick

    Tyson Kidd! Tyson Kidd! Tyson Kidd! Tyson Kidd

    You can refer to him as the man who had one person support him (me) to the man that now has millions of supporters.

    Thank me later everybody, for now just get ready to see Tyson Steal the show!

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    and tyson kidd has no wrestling dna..his real name is tj wilson, and he isnt a Hart. He is a great wrestler but I am afraid his size is going to keep him back. If they bring back the cruiserweight belt it would be awesome to see him win it and feud with guys like sin cara, rey mysterio and others.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    imagine aj doing squats on your cock!!!!!!!!wow, i would be saying yes, yes, yes the whole time…lol