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Jim Ross Comments On Kurt Angle’s Arrest, Madison Rayne On Her Whereabouts

WWE Raw SuperShow broadcaster Jim Ross took to Twitter to comment on TNA World Heavyweight Kurt Angle’s arrest early this morning in Virginia on charges of driving under the influence.

“Not good for Kurt & hopefully things will work out for him,” Ross said upon learning of the former WWE Superstar’s arrest.

He continued, “We all make mistakes. Unfortunate.”

— Madison Rayne went on Twitter to rest concern over her status with TNA as she has not appeared on IMPACT Wrestling since August 11.

Rayne wrote, “To all who have been asking: I am fine. not injured and still very much/happily employed 😉 always have something up my satin glove ;)”

— Friday’s TNA house show at the Great Geauga County Fair in Burton, Ohio drew an estimated attendance of 400 to 500 fans.

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Wrestling attendance as a whole is down folks….yes even the mighty WWE does not pack in 90,000 per show. 400 – 500 is not a good figure. If wrestling were in the heyday of the 90’s they could easily be racking in the 4 digit figures. But its not. Still more reason for TNA to ditch the high priced talent and work on building their own heros from within. Start Something Exciting!

  • CC

    @J-J. You got it spot on there.
    Regardless of it not being around as long as WWE is not the issue, a show that has international tv broadcasts and has been around 10 years should be drawing more than 400-500 people to live events.

  • renz

    400-500 fans… sounds like a an indy show… oh wait lol

  • J-J

    @ Marcum: The problem with your argument is that TNA’s been around now for 10 years. 10 years with big names such as Dusty, Hogan, Flair, Steiner, Hall, Nash, RVD, Kennedy/Anderson, Raven, Jarrett & others & they’re still only getting 400-500? Local indy shows can draw that many people.

    TNA has the in ring talent but much like WCW is being constantly sabotaged by the insane backstage decision makers who are destroying what has the potential to be a great wrestling company. This is why they continue to struggle to draw decent crowds or ratings..

  • Ryan

    and the fact you can only see wwe stars on wwe (beside a few guys signed on an exclusive tv deal) but with tna those guys still wrestle indy shows so theres always a chance to see them, plus wwe tends to organize travel for the stars hence the shows being so high in price or the stars travel together. where was the tna guys when kurt was pulled over after a show?! at least alex riley did it in his own time!

  • Buttercastle

    @marcum yeah but TNA is pretty mainstream now. It’s on tv, I’ve seen commercials for it while watching other shows. People just find WWE more “attractive” because it doesn’t look like it’s being filmed on a cellphone camera half the time. Or bigger names. Or that WWE superstars are everywhere.


    AJD is a ass clown

  • Ajd

    @marcum, the reason tna get more fans in arenas outside of univeral is because of the ticket prices on live events. I went to one and ringside seats was 60. I bought one, and the rivercenter in baton rouge was packed. Thats cause of tna was doing that for the first time. Wwe still pack that arena live or taping smackdown(somewhat close) but the price is too high for me to see supercena provail wit the same shit i see on tv.

  • Marcum

    what most people seem to forget is that TNA hasn’t been around for nearly as long as WWE. back in the 1990’s wrestling actually became a humongous thing and WWE going strong at that time. SO TNA wont have as many viewers as SMACKDOWN or RAW will have because they have only been around for a short while. i think TNA is a good product and watch it every week. Now im not saying that TNA is perfect in every way. i don’t like seeing people like hulk hogan, ric flair, and eric bishof take the spotlight every week but, i think that TNA needs that star power right now to help bost their name. another thing i do not think people rlize is that TNA is usually taped out of universal studios in orlando flordia and they dont have the necessarily high ratings so its obvious that many people don’t knw the product. so when TNA goes to a place like burton, ohio they aren’t going to have the thousands of fans that a more widley know company like WWE would have.

  • Tommy

    400-500 fans … geez.