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Jim Ross Predicts WWE’s Survivor Series Pay-Per-View

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on Here are some highlights:

Survivor Series Kickoff: Kofi Kingston was educated in Boston and is kicking off the pre show vs. the newly re-minted villain The to get the crowd engaged and up…I’d go with Kofi winning. With that said, Miz likely wins the pre show match.

Intercontinental Championship: Big E retains the IC Title vs. Curtis Axel in definitive fashion. Hopefully, Big E won’t have to suffer through a series of losing efforts in the “non title’ bouts that he’s booked in the near future. Fans of any ilk can associate with winning and winners. Hopefully, Big E gets on a roll and resurrects the Intercontinental Title. BTW…Big E’s ‘Five Count’ ala King Kong Bundy that “E” used in NXT was good stuff. I wish that he’d do it now. Fans loved it at Full Sail.

Traditional Elimination matches: Two traditional Survivor Series Elimination tag matches involves 14 or so Divas in a bout that will likely feature rapid fire finishes with the Total Diva cast winning on a night that their show airs on E and coming off the heels that another season is in the making. This match will follow something that is expected to be hot. This match will be about comedy, one liners and to promote the E Network’s Total Diva program.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination tag #2….features a guaranteed Cesaro Swing in a somewhat cold match. I’d assume the fan favorites will win but I’m somewhat ambivalent as to the outcome. I’d expect WWE to protect Rey Mysterio especially if he’s coming back to a close to full time schedule from knee issues. Watch for tension within The Shield.

Punk & Daniel Bryan teaming against Harper/Rowan: Punk/Bryan vs. Harper/Rowan with Bray Wyatt….I see this as the potential show stealer. Gut says something is going to happen here in a significant way. Remember Bray Wyatt scheduled to be at ring side. It’s hard to beat three up and coming villains when the villains have a man advantage and are in the evolution process. Nice thing about this match for me is that it is somewhat unpredictable. Wyatt Family need the win more than the two protagonist stars.

World Heavyweight Championship: Cena vs. ADR for World Title….likely straight forward Cena win but the shocker would be for Cena to tap in his hometown of Boston and to continue the story. ADR losing essentially takes him out of the loop including the predicted live event rematches vs Cena that likely will include new stips. Remember, even Superman had kryptonite but it’s likely a Cena wins via submission. To shock the world, get close to have ticket selling steam on a main event villain, and set the hero on a chase to regain his championship, the bold move would be to beat Cena in Boston. But if that occurs I will swear off BBQ for a month.

WWE Championship: Orton vs. Big Show for the WWE Title….I’d expect some sort of a ‘Boston Screw Job’ at Survivor Series especially with Bret Hart on the HOF TV panel. Plus, remember when Bret got shafted at Survivor Series versus Bob Backlund. Just seems as if it’s too easy to not cheat Big Show out of the title and to add much needed heat to Orton and the ‘Authority’ personas. Nice place here for the Shield to circle back through the PPV.

  • JAckh45

    Not hard to predict this one… Only thing I want more now is JR to get off BBQ for a month… So for Cena to lose would make my night even better…
    I hate how egotistical JR is getting… Like hes now better than WWE and hes doing the world a favor by telling us all so.
    The old fuck just needs to shut up and stay quiet.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    There’s not a single doubt at all that Cena will win.