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Is Jinder Mahal dropping the WWE Championship at SummerSlam?

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal is the current WWE Champion and he’s representing his people of India proudly as the Modern Day Maharaja. But since taking the title off Randy Orton it doesn’t seem like he’s gained the steam WWE would have liked him to.

It has been said how Jinder’s business in India hasn’t picked up numbers or possibly even made a dent in the bottom line. He’s wrestled a lot this year and made towns as the WWE Champion, but recently he’s been placed in tag matches at house shows. Now with Shinsuke Nakamura as the #1 contender for his title at SummerSlam, things might be a little shaky for Jinder.

But you should never hinder Jinder because nobody knows what kind of weight he is capable of holding on his enormous trapezius muscles.

However, WWE might be making a change at SummerSlam and it could be a big one. With Nakamura coming at him hard it only stands to reason these two will take each other to the limit. If you factor in the possibility of the Singh Brothers getting involved that heightens the chances of this match taking its toll on both competitors.

But The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports the plan might be to take the title off of Jinder only to have Baron Corbin swoop in and claim it from Nakamura. This might be the perfect time for Corbin to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Putting the title on Baron Corbin would create massive heat for The Lone Wolf but it would be a very short title run for Shinsuke Nakamura.

Baron Corbin might become the reigning heel champion on SmackDown Live using Nakamura as a very quick transitional champion in between. ¬†It would also be easier for WWE because they are currently editing shows to make Jinder Mahal appear like a babyface champ in India and they wouldn’t need to do that with Baron Corbin as WWE Champion.

Which ever way WWE chooses to go with the WWE Championship match it’s still sure to be exciting because you never know what can happen when Vince McMahon throws The Biggest Party Of The Summer.

  • CC

    It makes sense for Corbin to cash in on a baby face, rather than a heel, that is for sure, but I dread seeing Corbin as champion. The guy is just so boring. Even his gimmick is unoriginal and boring.
    I hope to god he is one of those guys who actually fails to cash in.

    I do think Jinder deserves a longer run, but would love to see Nakamura with the title though, so I would be happy with either winning. I just do not want Corbin winning anything right now.

    Obviously if he does cash in, that does lead to scope for a three way challenge for the belt as both Jinder and Nakamura would be owed a rematch.

  • unknown183

    Change Corbin’s name to BOREbin

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I agree with putting the belt on Nakamura. I think Corbin needs more build up.